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    Allegations Against UW-GB Coach Brian Wardle

    The situation surrounding claims of abuse against Wisconsin-Green Bay coach Brian Wardle escalated Tuesday when former walk-on Ryan Bross discussed his allegations publicly for the first time.

    Bross detailed the accusations against Wardle during an interview with the Green Bay Press Gazette, saying Wardle's negligence had forced him to defecate on himself and that the coach told him having sex with a woman would make him a better player.

    Earlier this month, Bross and another former player, Brennan Cougill, accused the coach of abuse. The school subsequently launched an investigation, being led by local attorney Joseph Nicks.

    Through a letter written by Cougill's mother, released to the Press Gazette two weeks ago, Cougill alleged Wardle had bullied and abused him verbally, while also disregarding his bouts with depression.

    In his conversation with the Press Gazette, Bross alleged that Wardle had abused him, too.

    He said Wardle had used homophobic slurs against him and encouraged him to violate his religious beliefs by bringing "[a girl] in and [if] I had sex with her, that I would be playing better."

    His most gruesome allegations stem from the events of a preseason workout drill known as "boot camp."

    Bross said Wardle ignored his pleas for a break after he'd begun to feel sick, which eventually resulted in the former player losing control of his bowels.

    "Coach Wardle told me to stop being a p---- and to go into the woods," Bross told the Press Gazette, adding that he went in the woods and defecated. "I came back and he was like, 'Are you all done? Are you OK? Are you done being a p---- now, Ryan?' because they thought I was faking it, but I wasn't. So I kept running the hills. I finished one hill. I came back down, and I told them I was not feeling well again, and (Wardle) made me run another hill again because he told me that I was being a baby and that I was letting down the team and I was letting down myself, and that I was letting down everyone."

    Bross continued: "I got down to the bottom (of the hill), and Wardle told me I was a piece of s--- and that he had never seen such a big p---- in his life and that I was the biggest piece of s--- he had ever seen."
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