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Please enlighten me how it's a skill to get hit when there are times, quite a few actually that the pithcher let the ball get away from him. HBP relies on luck too much.

Also i'm not the only one who thinks so, there are posters here who agree with me on this point, and they are wOBA lovers.

What I meant was Ground Rule doubles should be seperate from regular doubles and infield singles should be seperate from regular singles and both added to the formula.
Whether or not it is luck is somewhat irrelevant. Some players consistently get hit a lot. That's a fact. There's a reason the same players tend to get hit more. At some point it stops being lucky and starts being something they have at least partial control over. Add in the fact that any player can just move out of the way of a bad pitch and there's even more correlation to skill. Call it a player's "balls."

In any case, we're talking about a small fraction of wOBA's calculation and honestly it's not worth debating it this much.

Ground rule doubles are doubles. Infield singles are singles. Adding a separate category for them doesn't make much sense. Again, it's all about run correlation. If you can show that separating those two types of hits out and putting them into the formula for wOBA makes the statistic correlate to runs better than it currently does, then I'd be all for it.

The thing is, it probably doesn't.

Another problem with it is record keeping. I'm not sure they actually keep track of infield singles and ground rule doubles. The data is probably there, but it might be more of a pain in the *** than it's worth to put it in useful form. Retrosheet might be able to do it, but I don't know if that's even being used anymore.