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The reason this is bad is because you are doing the same thing that makes SLG a bad stat.

A double is not worth twice as much as a single. A tripple is not worth 3 times more than a single, etc.

You need more specific values for the events. Plus giving a positive value to a sac bunt is just really stupid, like incredibly.

This is sort of fail, sorry man. wOBA exists, just use it. No matter what you do, your math/work will be a complete waste of time because wOBA will still be better.
No, I don't think you understood

When you are on first base you are 25% around the diamind, second base 50% around the diamond, 3rd base 75% around the diamond and finally home plate is 100% around the diamond.

It measures how far around the diamond the player is worth per bat.
But that translates to what?