Before I begin i'm just gonna say i'm not a math geek or a very hard core baseball fan. This is a stat that measures a value of a batter only.

This formula could and probably does have gigantic holes but let's see how this can work.

I will explain why I view each and such.

The formula is thus:

(0.10*Sac Bunt) + (Sac Fly*0.25) + (IBB*0.50) + (BB*0.75) + (Infield Single*0.85) + (Single*1) + (Double*2) + (Triple*3) + (HR*4)
__________________________________________________ _______

There you have it. I've taken out the HBP stat as that should be charged to the pitcher, not credited to the hitter.

I've put in intentional walks, infield singles, sac flies and sacrifice bunts and have put my own value on them.

Once you have done all this, then imo you find out a hitters true worth. (mind you this could be really flawed but hey, I gave it a shot)