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    ...because he is looking at the stuff he showed not just the results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dunbummin View Post
    Wow! That "Seedlings to Stars" write-up makes Familia's 12.1 inning debut last year, where he had a 5.84 ERA and 1.541 WHIP with 6.6 BB/9 and only 7.3 K/9, sound positively Kimbrelesque.
    Most of that was inflated from a few outings anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoungStuna28 View Post
    Most of that was inflated from a few outings anyway.
    But he only had a few outings, 8 to be exact. And he had serious trouble in 3 of the 8:
    4 H and 2 ER in 1 inning.
    3 H and 2 BB resulting in 5 ER in 2/3 inning.
    A hit and 6 BB in 4 innings, his only start.

    I think he will straighten things out once he gets into a groove, builds some confidence, and settles himself down in the reliever role. He's got the ability, for sure.
    Former B'klyn Dodger fan. Mets Maniac since 1962.

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