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Oh, I didn't know I could get money from you guys

I'm a bit depressed that my team has started the season 0-6 and not paying much attention, also, It's not until the WS ends that TV coverage starts seriously for the winter league.

About Flores, sadly, he plays on the most remote and the least popular team on the league (by far) so they don't get a lot of games on TV. They've started the season 6-0 so maybe that will give them more air.

I did see Flores live, the first 2 games of the season that they visited my home team. As I said, what impressed me the most was his physique, I didn't know he was quite tall. He played both games on 3rd and did good imo, No errors or noticeable **** ups. Good contact with the bat too, he got hits both games, but it was the first 2 games so I couldn't tell much.

Also, Chris Schwinden is set to start the 25th any other Mets you guys know are playing here?
Thanks for the updates.. and send us occassional warm spells. When mlb ends.. old man winter not far behind!