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So being confident is overlooking someone? Tell that to any decent team and they will laugh in your face.

What is it that so many athletes say? Something like "if we execute the way i know we can, we will be tough to beat". So basically they arent suppossed to say that in your opinion? Cause thats what is was getting at... i dont think we will give away this game.

Excuse me for trying to be positive by saying that this is our second easiest game. How dare i look at the bright side of things.

Put some more thought into what something actually means and what someone means before you try to be an internet gangsta and start **** with people.
Damn... you are kinda getting remedial here and really taking my post WAY TOO FAR. One wouldn't be required to put more thought into something they read if that something they read was a bit more defined than this?

im actually not to worried about this game... they are the second easiest team we have played all year.
So from that, I am supposed to walk away thinking... "wow, mgj thinks we have a battle on our hands?!?" Cmon man... really?

And enough with the internet gangsta **** dude. It's rather annoying and a futile attempt to try to make the other poster look like a bad guy. Just because someone doesn't agree with you, it doesn't mean that they are going all internet gangsta on your ***, or starting ****. I didn't start **** with anyone, so please stop being such a sensitive vajajay.

I simply responded to your post and you went all sensitive.
Me calling you an internet gangsta is valid, cause all you do is try to get a rise out of certain people... dont act like that term doesnt fit you cause ur dumb *** post proves it. If your gonna be a "tough guy" on the internet im gonna call you out on it.

Once again never did i say i was looking past that game... i said i wasnt worried. Believe it or not there is a difference.

I am not the one getting sensitive either... i facepalmed ur comment and you went psycho but whatever dude. I think we can both say thats this is a stupid ****ing arguement so lets just drop it bronco fans arent suppossed to argue like this