JAZZ vs whore-iors: jazz 80 gs 83
first preseason game. i listened to part of the first quarter and half of the 2nd. stats didn't show much of interest, apart from lack of asts and rebounds. favors was 4-7, 3 rebounds or something, burks didn't get to the line, the martian 2-2 from downtown, hayward 2-10. kanter, and i think we can agree that his progress is the #1 thing to watch this preseason, was dominant: 13 pts 11 reb. he showed great presence of mind on defense, created a turnover by his effective double-team that led to easy fast break points on one occasion. turnovers were an issue for both sides, unsurprisingly. 18 for jazz to 16 for the whores.

anyway, we won't take too much away from a preseason game, but there's not a thread yet for this. (says me with 0 confidence)