I posted a thread but I gotta keep bragging on this lol... I got the last spot , only 4 outta 10 make it:

Ok ok, it's a 10 team lg. going into this past week 4 of us were 6-6, I needed to win, I was playing someone who was 6-6, another guy who was 6-6 was way behind me in points but the last guy was only down on my by points by 16... And he was playing a guy who was 9-3!

Well I won, which came down to MNF, I was up 6 I had RG3, other person had Eli. So I win 94-86

The guy that was behind me 16 points won also 109-75....

He ended up with 1155 points for
I ended up with 1156 points for! Got the 4th spot... Closest end to a season I ever been in!... It's just a fun lg with my friends but it was still crazy