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Thread: Marc Krauss

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    Marc Krauss

    Just wanted to get your guys' opinion about a young player within the organization named Marc Krauss. He used to be with the D'backs and you acquired him through a trade. What do you see as his potential within the organization? Do you see him ever making it to the big leagues? He was a second round pick only 2-3 years ago? The boy is country strong and can play multiple positions (C (played in high school and was all-Ohio at the position), 1B, corner OF).

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    I know nothing about him...

    Big THX to MJ's Bulls and pheagles10 on the sig help!
    Dear T-Mac,
    I miss you.
    The Rim

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    He played LF after the trade and tore it up at double-A Corpus, granted he only played 7 games before being called up to triple-A where he seemed to struggle in his first 3A stint. I think his future with the stros depends on how fast they try to bring him up. He needs to show he can get around on a major league fastball. In 66 PA he had 20Ks and only 6BBs while hitting a .123 and no HR. At Double-A corpus he hit .414 5HRs 16RBIs 6BBs 5Ks in only 35 PAs. With the current situation in houston who knows he could be in RF on opening day.

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