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    Why arent you a mod anymore ManRam?

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    That`s everything ok.
    Let`s think about our first games.
    This team shown potential against some bad teams (probably both will be bellow 0.50 this season) but we won`t make the playoffs. As Manram said, it rests 80 games and no one on this forum would say that we will reach the playoffs.
    If we have a good base on this young team, we could trade Baby and Al for a good piece, have our top draft pick and maybe hire an all star thru the FA. Imagine that:
    A good and young core
    A top draft pick
    A good exchange for Baby and Al (maybe someone like Granger)
    An all star thru the FA and some other pieces
    Maybe on next year we could go into playoffs and in two year, contend?
    So, our start is exactly what we need but we know that these happy days won`t rest thru all year and that`s good for us.
    One year or contending for more than 5 years? That`s fair for me.
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