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I really think we have screwed ourselves by not signing Greinke....our rotation has been our biggest weakness for years and it is an obvious hole that we needed to fill and there is probably no one we can trade for to upgrade the rotation. I am hoping something can be worked out to get Upton and I would also like Skaggs, but it looks like the Dbacks wont budge from Andrus or Profar so I doubt anything gets done....I have no idea what the game plan is now, there is just no clear upgrades to be had now unless there are some behind the scenes deal being talked about that we dont know. I still dont want to see us spend a **** load of money on Hamilton, would much rather let our young guys play since we missed out on 2 potential upgrades to our rotation.....I am just lost as to the plan the Rangers had going into the offseason.
Our pitching, despite many injuries last season, was not really this teams main issue. It was the lack of run production for extended periods of time. Darvish, Harrison, Holland, Ogando is a solid 4. Sure someone slotted infront of Darvish would be nice, but I think that rotation(especially if Colby comes back healthy) can make a deep postseason run.

That being said, if they lose out on Hamilton after losing Napoli as well, a move or 2 will need to be made to keep this offense competitive.

And while we talk about offense, I think Kinsler at 1B is a terrible idea.