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I keep seeing Rangers name pop up with Justin Upton and in that case I don't see us keeping Hamilton.

I would rather Hamilton because the drop off from Hamilton to the next guy is huge.

Upton #'s .280 HR 17 RBI 67 Runs 107 SB 18
Hamilton .285 HR 43 RBI 128 Runs 103 SB 7

Best month
June 87 AB 15R 29H 2HR 14RBI 21K .333avg

April 86 AB 20R 34H 9HR 25RBI 17K .395

Hamilton's worst month he produced 10R 4HR and 11RBI almost what Upton did his best.
That's not a very fair comparison, you intentionally skew your data points to favor Hamilton. I could do similar for Upton. First off, you can throw out RBIs. In a perfectly even scenario, Hamilton would still beat Upton in RBIs, but you do have to factor in the team around the player as well. One of these players plays in a top two or three offense (1st in runs scored, 3rd in average, 4th in OBP and 5th in HR) depending how you judge offense.

Secondly, not everyone in a home run hitter. I know they impress the casual fan and that obviously if someone walked up and hit a home run every at bat, they'd be pretty impressive and score more runs than someone who did the same thing with singles. But honestly, Upton doesn't have to bash a million home runs to be good.

The areas where Upton beats Hamilton?
Try consistency for one. You linked their best months, I'll link their worst (I took out Hamilton's horrendous October, only because it was a meager three games):
Hamilton - .177/.253/.354, 4 HR, 8 BB, 21 SO, 10 R, 0 SB.
Upton - .242/.354/.379, 2 HR, 10 BB, 19 SO, 16 R, 3 SB.

In batting average, Hamilton's high month is a staggering .218 points in difference. When Hamilton is good, he's great, when he's bad though...he can cost his team games. What were our worst two months? Well, when Hamilton stunk in October, guess what? 0-3. And when he sucked for a full month in July? 9-14. The only month we couldn't manage at least a .500 record.

Next, Upton has the superior OBP, he gets on more. .355 to .354...it's not a huge difference, but consider this...think of the number of intentional walks Hamilton gets. Then consider the other stats you linked, including a month where Hamilton damn near batted .400. And yet, he loses to the guy who's best month was .060 points worse in batting average? On top of taking slightly more walks, Upton doesn't strike out as much. 162 SO for Hamilton to 121 for Upton.

You might say, well Hamilton bats more being the higher scoring offense... wrong, because Hamilton misses more games. Hamilton had 562 AB to Upton's 554. (Crazy thing I found here...not only are their ABs exactly 8 different, Hamilton has exactly 8 PAs on Upton, 636-628). And Upton has significantly more games played over Hamilton the last four years:
Year - Upton - Hamilton
2012 -150 - 148
2011 - 159 - 121
2010 - 133 - 133
2009 - 138 - 89
Total - 580 - 491

Oh and finally, there's a huge age difference...Hamilton turns 32 in May, Upton turns 26 (entering his prime) in August. I'm not saying Upton will walk in and replace Josh Hamilton. But he has notably more plate discipline, is far more consistent, plays more games, is younger and is entering his prime, unlike Hamilton who is exiting his.