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To answer your question...there's not another ONE player that will be able to provide those stats. But for the money we're talking, we could probably get a couple/three players that can provide great production in a lineup.

I doubt you'll find many people that think those stats don't warrant that kind of money. You'll find plenty of people that don't trust Josh to consistently put up those kind of numbers though.

1) Josh isn't known for making it through full seasons. On average, he makes it 3/4 of a season and this is while he's been a young player.

2) You do have to factor in the drugs. He says he wants a 5 year deal, minimum. I believe he can pull off 3 years at a high level, but then I believe the drug/alcohol use effects will weigh in.

3) I don't trust him not to fall off the wagon again. It's always something, if not the drugs. We have caffeine, eyes that hurt, fidelity issues, and so on. All of these are distractions and I believe that he was a huge one coming down the stretch last year.

When you add all this up...no, I want no part of him. If he'll sign a 2 year deal with a 3rd year option...sure. That's not going to happen though.
I agree with a lot of your points but...

When our offense was rolling it was because of Josh, he made us the best offense in baseball. Yeah he might miss some games but he's also putting up 120 RBI in the small amount that he plays so I'll take it.

I'm afraid once he walks our offense is going to go down the drain. For the money you pay him you can get a few other guys but their just other guys who don't add up to Josh's production. You can get those guys through minor league system instead.

It's like giving up Dirk Nowtizki for Al Horford and a couple no names.