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12 million is far too much to exercise on McCann when he is a giant ? and Ross has been nothing short of hero for us. Use that money for a LF.
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No, spoken like someone who realizes that random chance has a lot more to do with the outcome of a single game than the fact that the Braves lost a similar game 11 years ago. When I say "a great chance," I mean at least 25%, or a 50-50 chance in each game.

You don't really think that the game 1 loss in the 2001 NLCS has any bearing at all on this year's loss. How many players from that team are still around anywhere in the organization? Is it something the clubhouse guys mix into the Gatorade or what? Five of the seven losses you mention (2005 and before) are completely irrelevant. There are some holdovers from the 2010 team, but that's two games. Randomness is still way more of a factor than some imagined concept of "resiliency and toughness." These are professional athletes. If they couldn't handle pressure, they wouldn't be professional athletes. Clutch performance is a story we fans like to invent because it adds drama and makes things fun to watch, but it's not real.

Your comments don't upset me at all. They're just not based in any kind of evidence.

That was a typo on my part. I meant third base OR left field (depending on where Prado plays) and center field. I'm glad to see you accept that Uggla and McCann aren't going anywhere...all of us wish we could upgrade at those positions from the way those two performed in 2012, but there just isn't much choice given the payroll considerations.

And for the record, Quentin signed an extension on July 22.

I can agree that $12 million is a lot to lay out for a guy that may not even outperform David Ross next year. The problem for the Braves is twofold: there's a huge PR hit from just releasing a fan favorite like Brian McCann, and Ross has never been an everyday catcher. At age 36, there's a huge risk of decline and overexposure. And frankly, I don't think there's that much need for too much extra cash. The Braves can use young pitching trade chips to fill either left or center with a cheap, controllable player, and it's not like signing a big-money contract is something the Braves want to do anyway. Take a guy like Josh Hamilton...even if they could free up money to sign him, his age and health history indicate that he'd quickly turn into another Dan Uggla contract, on a much larger scale.
You can't just flay get rid of McCann however I can see him taking a Tim Hudson type deal. Tim was due 12M in 2010 (option year) and he opted to take a pay cut (9M) for 3 guarantied years (2010, 2011, 2012) with a 9M option for 2013. I could dig McCann at 7ish Mil for the next 3 years (if he gets healthy) Thoughts