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    Quote Originally Posted by Sportfan View Post
    No doubting Gibson's defense, but Love can really score on anyone one on one.
    If he can, why can't Paul? You hound Paul the whole game and you're going to leave people wide open. And Paul has some postseason experience to his name (not that you didn't see that coming )

    An anonymous poster took the time to respond to CF's post and Pm'd it to me, I'd like to thank him for it and post his response

    I'm honestly a little surprised that you're losing right now. Gallo is so overrated, and they act like Chris Paul can fly up and down the court.

    It's some of the worst arguments on their part I've ever seen. Most of their points don't make sense, they contradict themselves or it's completely off topic.
    I can't help but laugh at this.

    Somewhat off topic. CP3 can, and has been contained many times before. I know it sounds weird for em to say that, but it's true. Whenever CP3 plays against a good defensive guard, or team in general he disappears. For example when he plays the Celtics. Rondo usually shuts him down (in part due to team effort). Or the Spurs?
    Elite interior defenses you're referencing with elite defensive personnel inside and out. You have two high quality perimeter defenders and a far cry from a strong interior defense.

    CP3 is a great PG, and player, but between Jrue and Bradley he would be close to a none factor 4 out of 7 games.
    It's no wonder they didn't bring this to the thread themselves.

    This makes no sense. Taj their best, and other than CP3 their only good defender, out on the 3pt line? Really. So they have no problem with Brook protecting the paint? Between AB and Caron slashing to the basket, with Nene down low they would get wrecked.
    This makes Bradley and Caron sound like stellar penetrators. Again, they're not.

    And it's not like Taj is going to be out on the perimeter guarding Love the whole game. If he is, that means Love is spending the whole game shooting lower percentage shots. That'd be a win for us anyway.

    You would kill them on the rebound also. Kevin Love+Nene going up against Brook? 'Nuff said.
    Well since Love is apparently just going to snipe from long range (not putting words in his or your mouth; just making a simple inference based on what's been said), that leaves two pretty poor rebounders for their positions to hit the glass. Brook admittedly sucks on the glass. We can't defend that. Nene is not much better.

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    Valencia advances

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