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    Quote Originally Posted by jej View Post
    Ross would be an OK option. Not really much of a power bat tho either. Kind of a right handed, slightly worse version of Choo.
    Not the biggest fan of Choo. He's 30 and has only played 100 games in a season 3 times:

    2009: 156
    2010: 144
    2012: 155

    He also has only hit 20+ HR's in season twice: 20 in '09 & 22 in 10'.

    Frankly, I really don't think you're getting that much with more with Choo:

    Choo 2012: .283/.373/.441 wOBA .360
    Ross 2012: .267/.326/.481 wOBA .341

    And in that trade proposal for Choo, the M's give up Paxton AND sign Choo for $34 million for 3 years (essentially $45 for 4 with arbitration).

    In that scenario the M's are paying about $11 million a year for a player I'm not even sure is better than Ross - who should cost close to half that amount. Throw in the the loss of Paxton (for a player we shouldn't have ever given up in the first place), and I'd rather spend money on Ross.

    So, slightly worse might be right. But if he costs $4 or $5 million less a year, isn't that worth it?
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