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I dunno. They're pretty set contract wise. I could see Smoak benched and a 1B added. Maybe a power hitter somewhere.

But bullpen intact, rotation intact less Millwood.
I think RF is more options in FA and easier to obtain via trade, and nobody took that spot for us when ichiro left.

i was the first one on the replace smoak bandwagon but its going to be tougher than i would like it to be. The free agents options are berkman, Carlos Lee, Pena, James Loney, overbay... not necessarily guys you want to spend $ on, way older than smoak, not as good defense and & i think smoak's a good clubhouse guy and he teased us again in september to think he might actually become an average AL 1b.

on the trade market, its tough to find teams that will part with 1b, i like morneau, but we would have to trade value for minny to part with and hes only got 1 yr left and overpriced at that, commonsense says wait til next yr in FA, Lind is the same deal, a little lesser value and a bad clubhouse guy to boot. I like guys like morales, chris davis, garret jones, corey hart, but i dont see those teams looking to move em, we'd have to buy high, which im ok with but that has not been GMZ's MO.... i bet philly would be open to deal with howard, hes great with RISP which we need but his contract is a franchise killer.

I will say this, Ms effed up not listening to me at 40 games in when smoak was at the mendoza line and sticking with him, if they'da benched him then we win alot more games, like the win streaks we had once they sent him down. At 40 games if it is the same ole smoak.... BYE BYE, and they better have a plan for that... at the very least they should get a 1b spec that is blocked elsewhere, bc i dont think carp or liddi cut it, even tho carp is a healthy upgrade over a April-August smoak.