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Run the list of #1 specs since 1976. Then look at what happened to them. XB looks like the real deal, but the fact is, he's not until he proves it.

If 3 of the 4 of: XB, Barnes, Bradley, and Owens turn out to make just one AS game, it would be a major coup.

Hate to bring up him up, but didn't we have a can't miss CF 3 years ago? Casey Kelly remember all the ink spilled on that guy? SS no SP. SP no SS. Well he finally pitched in the Majors last year w/ a mid 6 ERA.

If TB came knocking for XB, Barnes and Rubby for Price, damn right you trade them. But TB isn't knocking, why would they?
Westmoreland? Yea he had an abnormal surgery, I can hardly see how that plays into your arguement

and Kelly... just turned 23, and pitched 29 MLB innings.... dont really have a point there either.

Then there is Rizzo, who looks like he is going to be the real deal.

4 or 3 for 1 rarely end up being better for the team that got one, when it involves there top prospects (in a good system)

Boagaerts, Bradley, and Rubby De La Rosa for David Price, would likely end up as a big win for the Rays, I would never do that deal, unless our team was only missing that piece of the puzzle, even then I wouldn't like it