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Count me as not one of the red sox fan not down with the rebuild ear/bridge year.time to win Is now. We haven't made the playoffs in three years. We are the red sox.that's unacceptable.
Think about it....

There are only a few FA with serious talent, they will cost a ton, and are almost universally held as a bad fit in this market.

Besides Salty, Iglesias, 2 LHH OF's, Aceves, and Aviles - what do we have to trade? Kids? The farm right now looks like it is ready to spew out as much or near as much talent as the 2005-2007 years. You want to ruin that for a few moderate guys in trade?

We cannot win next year and will not win next year, no matter what. So instead of breaking ourselves on those shoals, why do we not look to 2014 or better yet 2015?

Never mind my arguments, it is what will happen. We need like I said before BV was hired two full years to run the maggots out of here. If you want to label it "bridge" it's fine. A team that can repeat playoff visits cannot be built in a year with the raw materials we have in hand or that is available to us.

Can not. Will not.