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    Quote Originally Posted by Iansnightout View Post
    If that's the case then teams shouldn't sign any free agents over 30.
    Depends on the price i am never a big fan on spending big on guys in there 30's because big contracts like that come back to haunt you.

    Problem is now a days you don't run into guys in there mid 20s now its more like guys that are 29-30+ when there FA's because they sign an extension with there original team before there contract runs out.
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    "I tell you what -- Russell's a mental giant," said Sherman. "When the ball didn't bounce his way, he didn't go in the tank and say, 'Woe is me.' He stepped up when we needed him most and he won the game for us. I'm not sure people get how great he is. I hope they get it now."

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