I just thought that we should have a separated trade for the playoffs.

Who are you rooting for?

I personally want the Orioles to win today and the Yankees to lose. If this happens, I think they will play a tiebreaker for the division champs.

Then, another exciting game tonight between the As and the Rangers. Whoever wins tonight will be the division champs and the loser becomes one of the 2 WC team.

So, I want the Orioles and the As becomes the division champs for a change and their extremely surprising season. I want both teams to make it to the playoffs.

Yankees and Rangers will be exciting if they are the 2 WC teams. If ever this happens, I hope the Yankees crash and burn.

Let's go LONEY!

In the NL, there is no team I want to win other than the Braves for the obvious reason, Chipper.