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    Quote Originally Posted by TopsyTurvy View Post
    Has anyone noticed how poorly the Bulls play in every 2k game? The simulation numbers work out ok but besides Derrick they are really bad when played against.
    If you're talking about user vs user, yea the Bulls do play bad due because some ppl don't know how to use them.... And what JB said.

    “If you quit ONCE it becomes a habit. Never quit!!!”
    - Michael Jordan

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    I've always destroyed with the Bulls. Drive with Derrick. If he's open, take it in. If not, dishy it to the open shooter. Easy money.

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    I haven't played much 2K13 yet because I take that game very seriously in developing a full game plan and it is very time consuming for me so I can't become dedicated right now. I have always used the Bulls, hell in 2K12, I don't think I ever even touched another team but it's all about having patience with the Bulls and I haven't ran into one Bulls user that has patience. If you play the Bulls like you see them on TV then you should have a better chance at winning with them. You have 10 players to try and get hot and not every player will get hot in a game. It's all about having a good game plan layed out before you even start the game. Abusing Derrick Rose is pointless because once he goes cold then you just lost your superstar to close games out and you're likely to cause an ACL injury or something

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    I have been playing with the Hawks lately. I try to keep things as realistic as possible.

    Signed JaJuan Johnson for half of the MLE.
    Traded Devin Harris and DeShawn Stevenson for Nick Young and Royal Ivey (all expirings).

    PG: Jeff Teague - Lou Williams - Royal Ivey
    SG: Nick Young - Anthony Morrow - Jeff Jenkins
    SF: Kyle Korver
    PF: Josh Smith - JaJuan Johnson - Ivan Johnson - Mike Scott - Anthony Tolliver
    CT: Al Horford - Zaza Pachulia - Johan Petro

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    funny because without rose I've learned how to take over games with kirk and marco online. lol i p'd someone off they told me its not realistic, the heat would destroy the bulls in real life. I replied, well take this one with realism and hit an open 3 with marco
    go bears go bulls go cubsray: go blackhawks(new fan) go spurs

    ninja rap haha

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