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^Yea I was surprised to see him make the team, but good for him I guess. Don't think he will see much PT though.

So I haven't had the chance to watch much pre-season, overall I haven't seen/read a whole lot on the team besides Plumlee has looked average. Anyone else want to provide some insight?

Paul Georges handles have improved greatly. He still turns the ball over but now its because hes trying to be more aggressive and not because he doesnt have handles. Hes been in the high teens in scoring in every game (except a 20+ pt game) and usually nets a good amount of rebounds too. Hes looking like he might break out this year.

Green looks great. His 3 ball goes down with ease and his dunking ability has been shown off on many occasions. He also usually scores in the high teens (with Granger out hes starting at SG) He has a fairly complete game and i wouldnt be surprised if he became a constant contributor and 1st or 2nd man off the bench.

A surprise has been Mahinmi. He has been strong in the middle and able to create his own shots. In the last game Vogel put him and Hibbert in together and they dominated Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph. They caused all kinds of turnovers and blocks and were very good rebounding together. I think its something we will see a lot of during the season.

Ben Hansbrough made a case to be on this team. hes played well enough to earn that 3rd PG spot.

Tyler Hansbrough has been progressing. He has had that same energy we saw before last year. He can still rack up the rebounds with or without scoring numbers. Ill just say, his progression has been slow.

West is looking better than last year. He seems to be fully recovered from the injury and it looks like he has an extra bounce in his step. He was already the most consistent guy, now he may be more productive with that same consistency.

Hill and Granger have not played yet in the preseason, but Granger will be playing tonight.

Lance Stephenson looks alright. There are times when he looks really good and other times when he looks like hes over thinking things. He seems much more mature and all about winning which is good, im just not sure what kind of production he will have.

Plumlee does look average. He looks a little lost out there. Every now and then he will have a monster dunk, but hes turning the ball over quite a bit. There is a learning curve in the NBA for bigs, so we should give him some time to adjust. I think he can contribute this year, especially if we get hit with injuries. He can shoot and rebound, but hasnt done anything consistently in the preseason.

Sam Young surprisingly has an offensive game. But he will be a great piece to the defensive puzzle. Its nice to see that our second unit will be able to score when needed, that was a huge problem last year.

Augustin has kind of blended in with the crowd. He has shown an ability to get assists in some of the best ways, but he hasnt made a big impact in any other facet of the game. One game he had a nice scoring total, but thats all i recall. However he will be starting with the 2nd unit when Hill gets back so its liable to change. He is one of the players im most curious about.

Hibbert has been great down low. He has even more intensity and passion then he did in years past, but now he seems to be much stronger. Hes getting deep position in the post and making his signature shots. His moves seem to be quicker, taking advantage of the double team right when it happens. He will either turn the opposite direction of the defender and put it up or kick it back out. His decision making has improved. I think his progression will be a huge factor this upcoming season.

I think thats everyone.