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    It is nice to see he has the same issues/questions as we do. It looks that at least in here most like the players we got but not how the moves were made and what we got in return.

    I know just about everyone in here didn't mind bringing in Plumlee, it is a boom or bust pick and that is what you do when you are in the playoffs and not the lottery, it was where we picked him that at least I have issues with, especially with other options to trade down or even take a guy to fill another spot then trade back into the 2nd for Plumlee instead of OJ who I am almost positive would have been there with PJ3, Moultre, and Green still on the board. Same for the DC trade, most liked adding Mhimni, but didn't like the return on DC being a guy we could have just signed. DJ being a one year deal is something that worried me too...would have liked to at least get some sort of option for a 2nd or more years...or at the very least his bird rights in a S&T with a one year deal so we could offer him more after this season if he works out.
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