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    Lakers / Bucks/ Nets trade scenario

    This could only take place in January, so this isn't one of the quick fix deal thats been thrown out there.

    We'll see how each team is doing by then.


    PF Ersan Ilyasova - 13 PPG 8.8 RPG 45% from 3 last season
    C Samuel Dalembert - 6.2 PPG 4.8 RPG & has expiring contract($6 Million)
    PG Beno Udrih - 8.3 PPG 3.3 APG & has expiring contract($7 Million)
    PF Ekpe Udoh - 5.6 PPG 3.8 RPG 1.1 BPG this season

    PF Pau Gasol
    PG Steve Blake
    PG Chris Duhon

    Note:Lakers get the perfect fit for their offense at PF in Ersan Ilyasova who is only 25 but compliments Dwight at the same level Ryan Anderson did. Ersan is off to a poor start so far this season while Skiles has made adjustments that focus more on Jennings/Ellis which makes it possible the Bucks look to deal him. Lakers acquire expirers in Udrih & Dalembert who provide veteran depth in exchange for 2 backup PG's with an extra year on their deals who've struggled in LA. Udoh is a recent Lottery pick, but is another serviceable big man on the bench. Jamison/MWP rotate at SF.


    PF Pau Gasol - 12.6 PPG 8.8 RPG 3.5 APG this season
    PF Drew Gooden - 13.7 6.5 RPG 2.6 APG last season (hasn't played this season)

    C Brook Lopez
    PF Kris Humphries

    Note:Nets have nothing to lose trying to move Brook Lopez right now for a superior player in Pau Gasol. Lopez has foot issues & is a terrible rebounder/defender. Gasol can either begin to show the talent level that has made him a #2 option on 2 Championship teams in LA with the help of Deron or he'll be a valuable expirer the following season for the Nets to move. But this is the type of move that establishes the Nets as a title contender given that a trio of Deron/Gasol/Johnson should co-exist. Gasol just has to become a factor in the Playoffs against the Eastern conference. Gooden has always been a solid NBA player and performed very well in Milwaukee last season replacing Bogut. With his skillset & contract it would be easier to rotate him with Blatche & Evans than it has been with Humphries.


    C Brook Lopez - 18.5 PPG 6.9 RPG 0.8 APG this season
    PF Kris Humphries - 8.4 PPG 8.4 RPG this season
    PG Steve Blake - 5.1 PPG 3.4 APG this season (currently injured)
    PG Chris Duhon - 3.0 PPG 2.8 APG this season

    PF Ersan Ilyasova
    PF Ekpe Udoh
    PF Drew Gooden
    C Samuel Dalembert
    PG Beno Udrih

    Note: Milwaukee steps up and makes a move to clear the logjam of big men to re-acquire a legitimate young starting Center in Lopez. Brook Lopez has foot issues, but Milwaukee needs a low post scoring option on offense and considering their patience with Bogut they may roll the dice on Lopez. The emergence of Larry Sanders as a rebounder & defender at PF makes Brook Lopez' struggles at both a non-factor. Considering Lopez at 24, Jennings at 23, & Sanders at 24 these 3 could represent the cornerstones of their future. Humphries provides a good rebounder off the bench, Steve Blake is a steady veteran backup, & Chris Duhon was one of Skiles favorite players in Chicago. The most important aspect is that combined they will clear $20 Million off of the Bucks salary cap in 2014 and with Monta Ellis also expiring the Bucks may be able to bring in 1-2 more good pieces for their core.

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    Nets definitely say no. Lopez is improving on the defensive end and his foot issues aren't as big as people are making them out to be. The reason he's out now is unrelated to what occurred last season. And Gooden's contract is awful and I'm sure the Nets would prefer Humphries to him.


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    As a Bucks fan I pass. Bucks already had Blake already and didn't work. Skiles worked with Duhon and didn't work and both them guards are scrubs. I rather keep expiring Beno and Dalembert. Yeah Ersan not living up to his new contract. But he schooled Lopez a few times already last year. Gooden can be amnestied next summer if needed. Plus Sanders is our future starting center. Bucks rather have cap flexibility.

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    I hate Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries but that trade is terrible for the Nets dude.

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    The Bucks have there big man in Larry Sanders. Giving up Udoh for pretty much Lopez would be a bad idea. Udoh has a lot of upside, he could be a key bench piece. If we trade him id say hes part of a package to get us a starter at a position we need help at unless we trade for a player with the talent of the likes of Howard or Bynum, i think were looking towards Sanders being our man. At this point i dont see us making many moves, we just need to let our players develop and we will be good in a few years.
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    Only player from the Nets we could use is Marshon Brooks.

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    its to big, the nets dont need in this trade.
    send pau and clark to the bucks for udrih, gooden and dalembert
    the bucks can use pau the way he needs to be used and they get another young guy
    and the lakers get some expiring money and a good player in gooden

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    Quote Originally Posted by JerseysFinest View Post
    Nets definitely say no. Lopez is improving on the defensive end and his foot issues aren't as big as people are making them out to be. The reason he's out now is unrelated to what occurred last season. And Gooden's contract is awful and I'm sure the Nets would prefer Humphries to him.
    Not because JF is my boy, but he is completely right. Pau Gasol is getting soft and Brook is only developing into a better and better player by the day. You saw that last night in the Bulls game when off the floor, the Nets couldn't have an effective offensive rhythm.

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