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    2012-2013 Offseason Thread

    Angels players with contracts

    Vernon Wells 21M
    Jered Weaver 16M
    Albert Pujols 16M
    C.J. Wilson 11M
    Howie Kendrick 8.75M
    Erick Aybar 8.5M
    Chris Iannetta 5.05M
    Scott Downs 5M

    Total: 91.3M

    Angels players that are arb eligible (Vladdy estimates)

    Alberto Callaspo 5M (Arb 3)
    Kendrys Morales 5M (Arb 3)
    Tommy Hanson 4M (Arb 1)
    Jerome Williams 1M (Arb 1)
    Kevin Jepsen 1M (Arb 1)

    Total: 16.5M

    Angels players making the minimum

    Peter Bourjos .5M
    Mark Trumbo .5M
    Ryan Brasier .5M
    Bobby Cassevah .5M
    Ernesto Frieri .5M
    Michael Kohn .5M
    Brandon Sisk .5M
    Kole Calhoun .5M
    David Carpenter .5M
    Hank Conger .5M
    Barry Enright .5M
    Steven Geltz .5M
    John Hester .5M
    Luis Jimenez .5M
    Nick Maronde .5M
    Brad Mills .5M
    Garrett Richards .5M
    Andrew Romine .5M
    Andrew Taylor .5M
    Mike Trout .5M
    Tommy Field .5M
    Scott Cousins .5M

    Total: 11M

    Option Buyouts

    Dan Haren (3.5M buyout)
    Ervin Santana (1M buyout)

    Total: 4.5M

    Angels Free Agent Signings

    Ryan Madson 3.5M (3.5M in incentives)
    Sean Burnett 4M
    Joe Blanton 7.5M

    Total: 15M-18.5M

    Total: 138.3M-141.8M
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    Sacramento, CA
    coco crisp and mccarthy for trout

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    Quote Originally Posted by BKdoubleStacker View Post
    coco crisp and mccarthy for trout

    Also McCarthy is a free agent

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    So if the reports are correct and we arent bringing back Haren and Santana our salary will be around 119M

    My realistic dream off season

    Chris Iannetta's option is picked up
    Re-sign Zack Greinke 5 years 100M (17M, 19M, 20M, 21M, 23M)
    Re-sign Torii Hunter 1 years 9M (9M Team Option)
    Sign Mike Adams 3 years 15M
    Sign Jeremy Affeldt 2 years 8M
    Sign Eric Chavez 1 year 4M
    Sign Edwin Jackson 2 year 22M (12M Team Option)
    Trade Trumbo to Giants for Kyle Crick, or to the Mariners for James Paxton, or to the Braves for Randall Delgado
    Trade Wells


    SS Aybar
    LF Trout
    1B Pujols
    DH Morales
    RF Hunter
    3B Chavez
    C Iannetta
    2B Kendrick
    CF Bourjos


    CL Frieri
    SU Adams
    SU Downs
    MR Jepsen
    MR Affeldt
    MR Walden
    LR Carpenter/Geltz/Kohn/Williams

    That would put our salary at 165M so maybe its not realistic

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    I think this is the first time ever I haven't been able to think of a dream off-season. I think the main problem is I really want us to get a third baseman as well as keep Bourjos, but I'm having trouble seeing how either of those is possible. Here's what I realistically think will happen (non specific):

    Pick up Chris Iannetta's option

    Decline Ervin Santana's and Dan Haren's options

    Re-Sign Torii Hunter
    Re-Sign Zack Greinke (for a **** ton)

    Let Maicer Izturis, Jason Isringhausen, and LaTroy Hawkins walk.

    Trade Peter Bourjos and Hank Conger to Rays for James Shields

    Sign JP Howell
    Sign Jason Grilli
    Sign Kevin Youkilis

    Trout CF
    Hunter RF
    Pujols 1B
    Morales DH
    Youkilis 3B
    Trumbo LF
    Kendrick 2B
    Aybar SS
    Iannetta C

    1. Weaver
    2. Greinke
    3. Shields
    4. Wilson
    5. Richards/Williams/Other

    CL Frieri
    SU Howell
    SU Grilli
    MR Downs
    MR Jepsen
    MR Walden
    MR Geltz/Williams

    C Wilson
    2B/3B Callaspo
    INF Romine
    OF Wells

    *Reminder: this isn't what I want, just what I think will happen.

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    despite adding albert pujols and c.j. Wilson last winter and enjoying a legendary rookie season from mike trout, the angels will miss the playoffs for the third straight year. Here are a few notes from anaheim as the halos are already looking ahead to offseason business...

    Ervin santana is prepared for the possibility of the angels declining his 2013 option, reports mike digiovanna of the los angeles times. "it would be tough to not come back here because i've known my teammates for a long time, and we have a good relationship," santana said. "at the same time, it might be time to move on and try different things...if that happens, it happens. I'm not worried about it." the angels are reportedly planning to decline their club options on santana ($13mm) and dan haren ($15.5mm) in order to free up resources for re-signing zack greinke.

    Both chris iannetta and gm jerry dipoto tell's alden gonzalez (twitter link) that they're interested in iannetta being an angel in 2013. Iannetta's $5mm option for 2013 became a mutual option once the catcher was traded from colorado to los angeles last november. The halos can buy out iannetta's option for $250k.

    Also from dipoto (via gonzalez on twitter), the angels will be bringing back their entire coaching staff next season.

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    @MikeDiGiovanna: Dan Haren sounded like a guy who pitched last game for #Angels but assuming $15.5-mill option declined, he'd consider returning for less $.

    I know he has to say that, but I would love to bring him back. 2 years 16.5M? With the buyout that makes it 10M per. Maybe throw in a team option worth 12M

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    Wells needs to go, period. Hunter would come back for $3M without even blinking for a year. I'd be fine with Trumbo, Hunter, and Trout in the outfield, with Morales at DH. We shoudl pursue Youkaliis for 3B. Bourjos can be first in line as backup. Bring back Ianetta.

    For pitching, Santana and Haren and their $30M salaries should go. Lock Greinke up to a CJ Wilson type contract. Clear out Isringhausen and Hawkins. Sign Frieri to a long term deal. I'd be willing to offer Haren a 1 year deal for $5M.

    Biggest need is 3 new relievers, a new 3B, and 2 starters.
    Last edited by Suns4ever67; 10-03-2012 at 04:29 PM.

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    We need to resign hunter, haren, ianetta. trade wells, and maybe morales. so borjous can play of. dont resing izturis or santana. sign youkilis or another third base. sign three good relievers and another quality starter.

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    Would you guys trade Bourjos/Trumbo for Drew Storen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halopower31 View Post
    Would you guys trade Bourjos/Trumbo for Drew Storen?
    No. Closers aren't that important. Bourjos is a 4-5 WAR player.

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    No. No Bourjos trade unless we get a very good 3rd baseman or a starter out of it in my opinion. I would trade Bourjos and Trumbo for Chase Headley and another one of their good relievers though.

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    Angels To Pursue Pitching, Hunter:

    The Angels will make significant changes to their roster following a season that included many positive developments before ending in disappointment, Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times reports. The team enters the offseason with a number of top priorities: re-signing free agents Zack Greinke and Torii Hunter, adding at least one more starting pitcher, improving the bullpen and trading Vernon Wells.

    The Angels will likely let Dan Haren, Ervin Santana, LaTroy Hawkins, Jason Isringhausen and Maicer Izturis go, DiGiovanna reports. Haren has said he’d consider returning for less than the value of his $15.5MM option. Santana recently suggested he’s prepared for a change if the Angels decline his 2013 option, as expected.

    The Angels have “a tremendous interest” in re-signing Hunter, general manager Jerry Dipoto said. The GM confirmed that the Angels would “like to explore” contract talks with the agent for Greinke. Both players have significant leverage after playing well in 2012, but Dipoto pointed out that the Angels have “never been short of resources." Just don’t expect them to use those resources on relief pitchers. Spending lavishly on relievers "is akin to going to Las Vegas and throwing it down on double-zero green," Dipoto said.
    So it doesn't look like we'll be going after the top relievers. I suppose that means we'll either go bargain hunting or get relief pitching through trade. I'd still really like for us to get JP Howell, I think he'd be a great addition to the bullpen and would ease some pressure off Scott Downs.

    Haren Open To Re-Signing:

    The Angels are expected to decline their $15.5MM club option for Dan Haren after the season, so his Angels career may end before long. But the right-hander said he’d consider returning to Anaheim on a cheaper one-year deal, according to Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times.

    "I'm not looking to break the bank, I'm not looking to sign a Zack Greinke deal," Haren said, referring to the offseason’s top free agent pitcher. "I'm looking for whatever is fair. I'll have to see what happens. Players work hard to get to free agency. I've played nine years, and if I become a free agent, it would be stupid not to take advantage of that."

    Haren’s contract includes a $15.5MM club option for 2013 with a $3.5MM buyout. If the Angels decline the 32-year-old’s option, they’ll still be able to make him a qualifying offer and set themselves up for future draft pick compensation.

    Haren said part of him “feels a little guilty” for not pitching better, according to DiGiovanna. He posted a 4.33 ERA with 7.2 K/9 and 1.9 BB/9 in 176 2/3 innings over the course of 30 starts in 2012.
    I'd definitely be open to re-signing Haren to a cheap one year deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigGuy951 View Post
    No. No Bourjos trade unless we get a very good 3rd baseman or a starter out of it in my opinion. I would trade Bourjos and Trumbo for Chase Headley and another one of their good relievers though.
    I doubt the Padres would even think about taking that.

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    I was randomly looking at the list of the most expensive players and I didn't realize that Vernon Wells was the second highest paid player in all of baseball behind only A-Rod in 2012. That's terrible!!

    I wonder if we could trade him for Johan Santana? We'd have to probably include a prospect or something, but their contracts are very similar and the Mets need help in the outfield and we need a starting pitcher.
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