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    Testing the interest level in Mid-Season continuous NFL Mock

    I was thinking the other day about trying a mid-season mock in the NFL Mock off-season forum. Here is a brief concept of it. The main thing is that we would need VERY ACTIVE GM's in order to make it run right. Here is a brief little overview but it seems like people would be interested.

    1. The intent is that it if there are enough active people that this will just keep rolling.
    2. You do not need to spend a lot of time because of how spread out this is. I do however ask that you are able to spend 10 minutes a day in addition to creating your clubhouse and maintaining it.
    3. I can take care of all the randomizing of games etc. on Sunday. What we need is the active people to vote on the games. This means that starting Saturday night you will need (if you miss a week or 2 its fine but you need to vote!) to vote for each game.
    4. It will only work if we have active people. We are hoping that we will have co-GMs. A trade will only be valid if BOTH gms send in a trade to prevent problems from previous mocks occurring in this one.
    5. This will pretty much follow the NFL schedule as time of events goes. The off-season (if we make it there) will be boring.
    6. Why a mid-season mock? It adds value to draft picks. Last mock people were throwing picks away. This will help to prevent that because as the rookies play IRL it increases their value in this game.
    7. Also, by this game being continuous, it forces you to think for the future, like most NFL gm's.

    As far as wins and voting correspond, please read this:

    What we should do is start one this season, pick teams etc. And then do this as a continuous one where games have to vote on the Matchups each week. We could then calculate the odds like if its the Falcons vs. Browns we do percents. With those percents we put it into Randomizer (say that the Falcons got 90% of the vote , they would get get 90 (60 of the entries would be 10+ point win, 20 would be 7-10 and 10 would be 1-6 point win) for The same would go for the Browns and entered into the randomizing pool) from there you hit random a few times and then you pick it on like the 4th time. We will also work on determining the score if enough people are interested.

    If we can fill up 32 teams I would take care of the Standings and scores for each week.

    In the off-season this would continue like a normal off-season.

    INJURIES would be according to real life. If Brady is out for his career he is no longer part of this game.

    Tentative list (we are aiming for 35-38 gms). I apologize if I misspell your username. I am in a hurry right now.
    1. Wrench/Quinnsanity
    2. Ukbronco58/mud
    3. Homestar
    4. xnickxx5757
    5. CCUGrad1
    6. ElfuturoEspn
    7. Superdude901
    8. Allstar44
    9. DavidR
    10. ColtsSpursTerps
    11. TheJokemaker
    12. Rosh
    13. Illa215
    14. Robbw241
    15. LegendX
    16. Jets012
    17. FKNEUH
    18. Xxplayerxx
    19. ToRapz
    20. Weeman
    21. Ichitownclown
    22. Greet
    23. RamonNivar
    24. Rawz/Richiesauras
    25. Ebbs
    26. Eagles4lyfe
    27. Killerjug
    28. Mr.Baller
    29. Trollforce
    30. UTB
    31. Rapjuicer
    32. MBT
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    By the way, Wis said that I should see if there is interest in it and that he would help run this.

    Like Donny Trump is doing for America after a brutal 8 years, I am making PSD Great Again One Post at a time, doe!

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    Dec 2011
    Def interested.
    I love the new idea.

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    This sounds really cool. I'd be interested.

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    Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
    I would be interested!
    PSD's Muhammad Wilkerson!!!

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    this would be pretty awesome nice idea BB

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    Nov 2007
    I want to give the thread on the main page a day or 2 but we would definitely need 35-38 gms.

    Post a vm on my wall or post in the thread on the main page. If you are tentatively interested. I will compile a list. Because of how spread out this is, you will need about 5 minutes a day to work trades, do the Clubby. At times, more time will be required but not a whole lot of time will be required. I doubt we will do write ups but we can probably do a 2 sentence offensive, defensive philosophy.

    Like Donny Trump is doing for America after a brutal 8 years, I am making PSD Great Again One Post at a time, doe!

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    sounds interesting i'd give it a try

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    Apr 2009
    Toronto, On
    I just want 3 certain guys to join then make the playoffs then it'll be real fun in here
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    100 says we win at least 8.
    Quote Originally Posted by Eagles4Lyfe View Post
    Your on.

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    Mar 2010
    Staten island Ny
    Im intersted
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    Sep 2010

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    Mar 2010
    Chicago IL

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    Mar 2008
    South Carolina
    Definitely in.

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    Nov 2007
    Ill update the list later. We definitley need more people though

    Like Donny Trump is doing for America after a brutal 8 years, I am making PSD Great Again One Post at a time, doe!

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    Apr 2006
    Sunny CA
    I'm in.

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