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depends how much you play/what level
beer league you should get some good use, anything serious, probably about 2-3 weeks, stealths are **** for durability

ive used bauer sticks pretty much since ive used composites, about 7 years, always supreme line, so right now totalones, p92 102 flex, tactile grip, same with skates always used (nike)/bauer, and of course totalones
Ya, I'm still playing senior hockey so it's not likely to last long in there. Faceoffs are tough on light sticks, hopefully she holds, I like it otherwise though. I've used Bauer sticks before but found they got rubbery after a week or so. As for skate i agree with you, I've used Bauers for most of my life, I've used Grafs before and those were tanks but they weren't light like Bauer.