Just wondering because they were talking about this on the radio today. I know everyone is blaming Cassel for the Chiefs struggles, but Pioli has kept Cassel now for four years not really looking for a true replacement. He has only gone after one other QB since getting Cassel when he could have gotten names like Manning, Wilson, Dalton, and RG3 (though the price would have been steep). Guys like Stafford, Bradford, Newton, and Luck I don't consider since the teams with the number one pick were locked onto those QBs. Also he's released Bernard Pollard, Jared Gaither, Le'Ron McClain, DeMarrio Williams, Jackie Battle, and Brandon Carr without finding replacements that are better than those guys other than Berry for Pollard. Just wondering if he is more to blame for the Chiefs struggles than Cassel. And also, do you think if we miss the playoffs that he will get fired?