So it sounds like the brewers are done on the free agent market after signing Gorzalanny. Previewing the team I would suspect it would look something lie this

Aoki, Weeks, Braun, Ramirez, Hart, LuCroy, Gomez, Segura
Maldonado, Bianchi, Scheffer, Gamel, Green/Davis/Prince

Gallardo, Fiers,Peralta, Estrada, Narveson/Rogers/Gorzalanny
2 of Narveson/Rogers/Gorzalanny, Badenhop, Kintzler, Henderson, Axford, one of maybe half a dozen guys

It would be nice to add a veteran bench player (Still rooting for Chone Figgins) and an arm but after Francisco Liriano got 2/14 I don't think anyone will be a respectable value that we can apparently afford.

When I created this thread I would have been irrate if someone told me the only moves we made would have been Tom Gorzalanny and Burke Badenhop. That be said I am pretty pissed because it seems to me that we were taken along early about how this team would pursue a top of the rotation starter and some back of the bullpen help. It doesn't seem to me that they were genuinely pursuing either.