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Apperently we will have a budget around 80 million instead of the estimated 90. Attenasio is a business man and appears to be attempting to make back money lost this past year. I was expecting about 23 million to spend at a 90 million budget, 80 puts us at about 13-15 to spend. It's going to be hard to get a couple arms at 13 million if we don't trade Hart or prospects. This is a terrible sign for Milwaukee baseball, this team will be going into the season with a short handed pitching staff for sure.
I don't know how this is really a "terrible" sign for Milwaukee baseball. First off, starting pitching hasn't really been signed yet. Basically everyone is waiting for Grienke to set the market. And even if we don't sign much of a starting pitcher, I'm not sure we really have to. Do you really want another Randy Wolf type signing? I'm not really sure a Wolf type guy is that much better than a Mark Rogers, Marco Estrada, or even a Chris Narveson, especially since those guys are cheap enough to allow for more flexibility to trade for someone if we have to, whereas another Wolf type guy can restrict the payroll for awhile.

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Anybody else kinda pissed that they've done jack **** to improve our team?
Not at all. Are you really that comfortable with the contracts that have been handed out thus far? Its not like we've missed out on a whole different great players at crazy good prices.