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    I know we are in a lock out and don't know when the season will start but I thought I'd post the season questions I have chosen for this year. I am going to lock this thread after posting them and unlock it when we know when the season will begin. The questions and values may change before then depending on how many games are missed.

    I have decided to make the season questions worth 100 total points. I also have 6 months (Oct-Mar) scheduled to be at 50 points a piece and then I figured I'd add a twist for April and throw up some challenge questions. Of course this is all subject to change depending on when the season actually starts and how many games they play. Now on to the questions.

    1.) Who will lead the Penguins in goals (5 points)?

    2.) Who will lead the Penguins in blocked shots (5 points)?

    3.) Who will lead the Penguins in Penalty Minutes (5 points)?

    4.) How many points will Sidney Crosby have (10 points for exact, -1 for each point off)*?

    5.) How many wins will Marc Andre Fleury have (10 points for exact, -2 for each win off)*?

    6.) How many points will the Penguins finish the season with (15 points for exact, -2 for each 1 point off)*?

    7.) How many goals will the Penguins score this season (10 for the closest answer, 7 for the second closest and 3 for the third closest)?

    * There will be no negative points awarded for these questions.
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