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    Quote Originally Posted by Twitchy View Post
    Actually, I didn't find it remotely believable, but to each his own. Apparently the range on attacking someone with a wireless pacemaker like that is 50 feet, according to an article I just found. I don't remember where the VP was relative to Abu Nazir's computer guy who did the wireless attack, but I don't believe it was that close. If so, that's a fairly significant flaw.

    That's something I looked into on my own time, but it's interesting nonetheless. Especially if the distance was significantly greater than 50 feet.

    Apparently Cheney has a wireless pacemaker, but I believe that happened after he was no longer VP (2010). I don't think there's a chance they would have given that to him (a wireless pacemaker) if he was still in office.

    Just because it's a TV show doesn't mean I should simply accept what they're showing. Critical thinking doesn't just get thrown out the window cause it's a TV show. If you enjoy watching and accepting whatever happens, then good for you. I wouldn't be able to do that, and I guess maybe I just have a higher set of standards here.

    The fact that Brody was so far away for so long is another problem. It's essentially saying that the Secret Service is stupid, because:

    A) There's nobody on the second floor
    B) The secret service forgot that Brody was there
    C) Nobody knew where the vice-president was

    Any of those being true shows the Secret Service as being stupid, something I can assure you is not the case.

    There's a difference between doing something because of an emotional decision and poor writing. When blondie runs out in the middle of the field on a dark night where she's clearly visible screaming BRODY, that's poor writing.When she goes after Abu Nazir, knowing full well she can't do anything to stop or slow him down, with the CIA on their way, and with her having NO weapons, that's poor writing.

    There are times when she does good things and everybody else disagrees with her, because she's a good analyst and her emotions drive her. In this case, it was neither emotional or logical, just poor writing.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the episode. I thought it was extremely disappointing, and one of the worst of the season from a writing standpoint. Certainly nowhere as good as the earlier ones where they got proof Brody was bad, or when they took Brody down, or when the CIA members were ambushed by the Hezzbolah guy at the tailor shop.
    im sorry, but if your that dilligent in researching things on tv shows that are unrealistic, your never going to enjoy any show you ever watch.

    and brody was screaming "Nazir" at the place that his family was being held up, which is where i was referring to. he SNUCK into the VPs office to get the serial #, nobody knew anyone was up there. youd have to be in the hallway outside the door to hear it. Why would any secret service ppl be up there if they knew the VP wasnt anywhere near it?

    its not dumb writing, its the character being an idiot, which she has proven to do time and time again. poor writing is if she starts doing backflips or shoots herself in the foot for no reason. are you a screenwriter? script writer? i think you are taking this a little far. look at the ratings, look at the critic's reviews... nobody with any credibility is taking the same stance you are on the "horrible writing" on this episode.
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