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    Quote Originally Posted by DenButsu View Post
    Energy is necessary for people to fart, so my farts COULD be sentient beings... maybe even ghosts! So, I'm going to give my farts names and start having conversations with them on the assumption that... they COULD be listening!

    It's so fun and cool to think about stuff like this!
    haha, hey man, my motto is whatever floats ur boat. right debo

    Thing is, I'm pretty sure you know exactly what I'm saying (can't say that about everyone else). Still gave me a good laugh tho, I ain't mad at that

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    Quote Originally Posted by flips333 View Post
    Other worldly colors are not ghosts. Take for example this beastie with many more cones than us. They would see "other worldly" colors compared to us.
    Nice find. Exactly what I was talking about.

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