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    Rockets Off-Topic Thread

    Sorry for putting this in here, but there wasn't an off-topic discussion thread like in most forums, so it had to go somewhere. I know a lot of Rockets fans post in this forum and the Texans are great right now, but the NBA regular season is starting up soon, and I'd like to see some more activity in the Rockets forum. You guys should stop by every once in a while and talk some basketball. Also, I've created a fantasy basketball league and need six more posters (Rockets forum posters only).

    So, when you guys aren't talking Texans, you oughtta stop by and pay homage to the only franchise of the three professional sports teams to ever bring this city a legitimate championship.

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    Bucks vs raptors in the ECF. Mark my words.

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    I will be watching the Rockets some this year, I always catch roughly 30-40 games, and attend at least 5-6 (both the Wolves games for sure).

    I am actually more interested in them this year. Young players, McHale is hilarious, and I want to watch Lin and Parsons. I could do without K-Mart, but whatever.

    If you want the ultimate, you've got to be willing to pay the ultimate price. It's not tragic to die doing what you love.

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