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And that would be what?
1. They have to buy a cat, doesn't matter it's age or size, raise it for a couple of months. Then before Christmas time, throw them on a train before the conductor shuts the doors.

2. Collect dog crap at the local park and the pledgers need to brush each others teeth with it..for one week.

3. Not sure if you guys heard of Glory Hole. If you haven't, well look it up. Basically, the sorority sisters will pretend they will give the pledgers a blowjob...when actually they are getting it from dudes.

4. This is my favorite one...2 of the pledges have to dress as CIA agents, carry a big Nerf gun, and escort me to all my lectures. Just for one day though.

5. They can not use a bathroom for 2 weeks. Peeing or crapping must be done outside.

6. Eat a tray of weed cookies or brownies and be forced to answer questions about the history of the fraternity.

7. Have sex with a random girl from a lecture class...in the fountain.

There may be more...but those are the ones we will do now. Will probably take 5 months to complete.

Honestly, getting into a frat sucks. A lot. But it really looks good on your résumé upon completion of school. Some of the things we do to help the community involve...

1. Traveling to areas struck by natural disasters and help the shelters.
2. Build homes for other people.
3. Organize and promote charity events.

Plus you have to maintain a 3.1 GPA to stay in it...in college that's not easy to do.