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    Quote Originally Posted by Young2Kinsler View Post
    He has a pretty brutal schedule from here on out. Faces GB twice, Seattle, Houston, Minny...very poor for RB fantasy wise
    Yeah but all teams try to take out the pass game otherwise he might be at the goalline or running for junk yards to kill the clock. All teams you named wil take out CJ 1st look at the bears plus Leshoure catches the ball .

    Minny and Houston don't have the CBS ..although Houston would care me hell get at least 7 pts some how vs them , GB he'll break a few 10plus runs and a few negative runs maybe a goaline score.

    Seattle I'd worry about they may go 1 v 1 on megaton bc their CBS size plus safeties speed .. They can take at everything considering Pettigrew can't stretch much and young drops too much .. That's my 1 game with Leshoure I'd watch out 4 ..

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    Big game not withstanding what does everyone think about Stafford. I had a deal in place for him before this week but we agreed to wait on it for this week because he had noone else to start at QB because of byes. My team is very solid besides QB (I have Vick) and I made the move to try and shore that hole up.
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