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Thread: Walk On

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    Oct 2011

    Walk On

    Hey guys, I am thinking about transferring into Boise State this Spring and was trying to decide if i should try and be a walk on for the football team. I played DE and was a pretty dynamic pass rusher back in the day. I would have started my freshman year out of camp in high school but knee injuries derailed that from occurring. I took off my sophomore year to rehab and get in shape, then junior year came and again was starting the first week when I re-injured my knee. I have the desire to play but I am barely 6'1" on a good day, and at the collegiate level most DE's that are on the roster are 6'6". I know I would be a long shot at best because of my lack of height, just trying to see if it is even worth it. Any advice would be great, thanks!

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    Jan 2012
    IDK when i play im a WR

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    Are you sure though that you're prepared to blow your knees again.

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    go for it man. whats the worst that can happen? worst case scenario you don't amke it and move on to the same position you'd be in if you didn't try out.
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