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    Quote Originally Posted by PredatorPeppers View Post
    Peppers has 7 double digit sack seasons, Strahan and Taylor have 6.
    This is a classic example of arbitrary endpoints. Why is 10 sacks the cut-off? Peppers has one more 10+ sack season, but what about 12+ sack seasons?

    Peppers: 3
    Strahan: 4
    Taylor: 5


    Peppers: 2
    Strahan: 4
    Taylor: 4


    Peppers: 1
    Strahan: 4
    Taylor: 2


    Peppers: 0
    Strahan: 3
    Taylor: 1


    Peppers: 0
    Taylor: 1
    Strahan: 2

    You see what just happened?

    Peppers is going to pass them in sack totals
    Through their first 10 seasons in the league, they each averaged the following sack totals per year:

    Peppers: 10
    Strahan: 9.6
    Taylor: 10.6

    Taylor was actually the better pass rusher between the two early in his career, but they're all basically even. Both Taylor and Strahan began to age their 11th year, and Peppers looks about the same. We'll see what the future holds. There is no guarantee he passes them.

    If Taylor hadn't been moved to OLB and asked to play even more coverage and rush the passer even less, and hadn't been sent to rot away in WAS and gotten injured, he'd have had much higher sack totals. The point being, we don't know what the next 5 years hold for Peppers, or if he'll even get 5 more. It is hardly a guarantee he'll pass them in sacks, considering he is already behind Taylor's pace.

    and just about every other statistic, although Taylor is impressive with his forced fumble totals and passes defensed.
    Actually, Peppers is almost exactly at the same rate in tackles, though barely behind (Taylor had 392 in his first 10 seasons, Pepper 391). Again, it is hardly a guarantee. He's behind Taylor's pace for his career. When you add assists, Taylor dwarfs Peppers through his first 10 years (596 - 478).

    Likewise, PFR has the "Approximated Value" wehreby they try to give a number to the player's value, and Peppers is behind Taylor's pace in that as well (124 in 10 years, as opposed to Taylor's 127).

    Simply put, Peppers isn't on pace to beat Taylor in any major statistical category for defensive line, Sacks, or solo tackles, total tackles, forced fumbles, passes defended, or Approximated value.

    The only thing he's on pace to beat Taylor in is INT. That is all.

    Again, if you want to believe Peppers was better, fine. At least get the facts correct, my man.
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