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You must be forgetting about Julius Peppers 2004 season buddy...

52 solo tackles, 12 assisted tackles, 11 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovery for 60 yds. and a touchdown, 2 interceptions for 143 yds ( the most all time in one season by a D lineman ) 1 he ran back 46 yds. for a TD and the other he ran back 97 yds. and was tripped up at the 1 yd. line. 9 passes defensed, 4 stuffs, 1 blocked kick.

JPP had a very impressive season last year, but it was not as good as Peppers 3rd season in the league.
So JPP had more solo tackles than Peppers has COMBINED tackles. Not even close. JPP had 6.5 MORE SACKS THAN PEPPERS. JPP also had a blocked game winning field goal vs the Cowboys which saved the Giants season. And he won a ring. He had 8 stuffs and 4 in the playoffs alone. 7 passes defended and 4 in the playoffs.

These guys are not cornerbacks...a couple interceptions does not make a season better considering that JPP had way more tackles and sacks