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I don't get it! This team went to the World Series yet we have yahoos retooling half the roster!!! Give me Melky Cabrera on the cheap and resign Sanchez and we are back. Everyone thinks the team is broke cuz it lost in the WS...really?! It needs a tweak or two, not a revamping.
They won 88 games and only got in due to a weak division. They barely beat the A's, dominated a old and tired Jeter-less Yankees, then got swept in the WS. They add VMart to an already slow team that plays below average defense that really already has two 1B/DH's. Adding a guy that had a career year the same year he gets busted for PED's and improving their best asset with another SP doesn't adequately address their weaknesses. I'd like the Tigers to be built to be good for the next decade and I think Prince weakens that possibility.