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Sounds so awesome. I wish I could try all that stuff before I actually bought the car, but i'd probably get kicked out the car before I had the chance lol.

Ah alright. Well I don't think I will doing much performance modding anyways TBH. The Ralliart is already 237HP give or take. All I would want extra as of now is a CAI and exhaust. I've seen videos on the twin clutch and the RPMs look really weird, although that thing was hauling in a 0-60.

Yea, those tranny's shift extremely fast and the dual clutch is what allows them to not drop in RPM's so quickly. Yea, with those mods the Auto tranny would be completely okay. You could even do a tune with those mods and still be okay. In turbo cars like the Evo, Ralliart, and WRX's just a flash to the ECU can give off good gains.