Its only been 3 weeks and already the coaching carousel is already getting fired up as programs and fans are already looking elsewhere.

Derek Dooley - Tennessee

This was supposed to be the year for Tennessee. This is supposedly the best team they have had in years. Yet it didn't change anything yesterday as the Gators blew up the Vols for the 8th year in a row. Fans in Knoxville are begging for the program to go after Bobby Petrino.

There is still room for Tennessee to have a good season but there is so much negativity right know in Knoxville.

- The fans were chanting "Dooley sucks" as the players were going to the lockers.

- Under Derek Dooley the Vols have been outscored 279-128 in the 2nd half by SEC opponents. Furthermore his teams were outscored in the 2nd half at LA Tech and he has never won a game while trailing or being tied at halftime.

- If you watched the game you may recall a play where Tyler Bray threw the ball out of bounds right into the hands of Derek Dooley who spiked it immediately after catching the pass. The rumors going around that Bray threw it his direction on purpose out of frustration at the playcalling.

- In the last 18 minutes of the game Florida outgained Tennessee 305 to 35. You could see it in the 4th quarter they just basically quit on the field.

John L. Smith - Arkansas

I think we all knew this was only gonna be a 1-year issue but at this rate he may not even last the season. The rumors are already going around that they are expected to make a huge push to get Charlie Strong from Arkansas.

Joker Phillips - Kentucky

A win over Tennessee last year likely bought him another year. He will probably need more magic this year to keep his job after getting blown out by Louisville and losing to Western Kentucky. Those fans won't stand for losing that way to other local teams.

Gene Chizik - Auburn

Aside from a national championship season with Cam Newton then Gene Chizik has done nothing as a head coach to warrant being an SEC coach. Unless they get better quick and pull off some upsets its hard to see Auburn doing better than 6-7 wins. And that is pretty much par for the course. If you take away that championship season Gene Chizik is 22-31 as a head coach. He has gone 15-12 at Auburn aside from season as well.

Jon Embree - Colorado

Its hard to imagine a worse start for a BCS conference team. Colorado is 0-3 and have been embarrassed thus far.... Oh and this against the easy part of their schedule. They play 5 ranked teams in their next 7 games.

In week one Colorado lost 17-22 against Colorado State.

In week two they lost to FCS team Sacramento State 30-28.....

Then yesterday they lost 69-14 to Fresno State. They were down 55-7 at halftime before Fresno State let off the gas. If not for that last touchdown it would have been the worst loss ever by a BCS conference team against a non-BCS opponent.

What are some others guys