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Most wealthy people have been handed money & the others got wealthy in a dirty way. They justify their greed by rewriting history. They lie to the public to not have to share the wealth. People buy into because they keep you in fear.
We are becoming servants to big businesses.
I'm revering to wealthy people & not rich people, there is a difference
Clearly we're not going anywhere with this debate. I myself am not wealthy or rich and I agree that some get there is unethical ways, but in the end that's how it works. Just remember these big businesses are creating jobs for Americans, without them there are a lot less jobs.

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Thats still crazy. For a team with pitts star power and yet still loose money??

It still drives me nuts that owners give these players crazy money then realize oh **** i cant afford them.
Imagine how bad off they'd be if they didn't have those stars. The B's are a good example with the current Lucic signing. Mots of would agree that $6 per a bit over payment but thinking all the merchandise he sells. I'm sure if recorded the jersey's that walked into a garden in a given night 20%+ would be Lucic.