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View Poll Results: how long will the 2012-2013 lockout last?

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  • its over within a week, nothing missed

    0 0%
  • some of the preseason cancelled, regular season ok

    3 13.04%
  • all of preseason gone, some of regular season gone

    10 43.48%
  • all preseason gone, majorly condensed regular season

    4 17.39%
  • no regular season at all. we're all muy triste.

    6 26.09%
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    Quote Originally Posted by GibberSquad View Post
    I have to side with the owners. The players are already making more money than they ever have. Parise, Weber, Suter. They're set for life. As Oneman said, the owners are looking for a little reprieve from the cost of having an NHL team. I may be wrong with this, but I read somewhere that 18 teams are in the hole, and not making money.

    Heck, the Devils made the cup final and I believe the owner is still close to 20 million in the whole.

    But 3.3 billion is a lot of money to lose out on. I'm sure they'll figure something out.
    1.) SO ARE THE OWNERS !!!!!!!!!!!! and not every NHL player is set for life

    2.) Who gives a **** what they want, they rapped the players last time, and i'm tired of the rich wanting more money..Tough **** if its not making them more money, they have their billion dollar industries. Sell the team or move them to a place will make them money.
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