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    Wrestling Redraft Clubhouses


    Renegade Alliance Wrestling

    Owner & CEO

    Dmac & Ted Turner

    I'm the anonymous owner that nobody has ever seen. Billionaire Ted is the money behind the operation. We both have one goal in mind, putting all the other federations out of business by any means necessary.


    Joey Styles & Jesse "The Body" Ventura

    Joey Styles does the play by play while Jesse does color commentary. Jesse is heel and likes to give Joey a hard time. He still competes in the ring as well.

    G.M. & Special Assistant to the G.M.:

    Mike Adamle & Dawn Marie

    Adamle is terrible at live tv, but I couldn't pass the opportunity to hire a fellow Chicagoan. He comes up with alot of his "Adamle originals" and Dawn Marie is his assistant and helps him with whatever he needs.


    Captain Lou Albano, James Mitchell, The Grand Wizard

    Active Roster:


    1. Kurt Angle (face)
    2. Batista (face)
    3. Daniel Bryan (tweener)
    4. Muhammad Hussan (heel)
    5. Yokozuna (heel)
    6. Umaga (face)
    7. Ultimo Dragon (face)
    8. Tajiri (heel)
    9. Dynamite Kid (heel)
    10. Jesse "The Body" Ventura (heel)
    11. Daivari (heel)
    12. Antonio Inoki (heel)
    13. Bruiser Brody (face)
    14. Gangrel (tweener)
    15. Kevin Thorn (tweener)
    16. Petey Williams (face)
    17. Strikeforce- Rick Martel & Tito Santana (face)
    18. Sensational Sherri (heel)
    19. Luna Vachon (tweener)
    20. Ariel (tweener)
    21. Alundra Blayze (face)
    22. Kimberly Page (face)
    23. Dawn Marie (face)
    24. Bull Nakano (heel)
    25. Crush (heel)
    26. Warlord (heel)
    27. Missing Link (face)
    28. The Berzerker (face)
    29. Samu (face)
    30. The Great Sasuke (face)
    31. The Patriot Del Wilkes (face)
    32. Mil Mascaras & Dos Caras (face)
    33. Ultimo Guerrero (face)
    34. Mikey Whipwreck (face)

    R.A.W. Championships:

    R.A.W. Heavyweight title
    United States title
    Tag Team title
    Cruiserweight Title
    Woman's Championship

    R.A.W. Heavyweight Contenders:

    1. Kurt Angle
    2. Daniel Bryan
    3. Batista
    4. Muhammad Hassan
    5. Yokozuna

    United States Title Contenders:

    1. Antonio Inoki
    2. Jesse "The Body" Ventura
    3. Bruiser Brody
    4. Dynamite Kid
    5. Crush

    Tag Team Contenders:

    1. Yokozuna & Antonio Inoki
    2. Muhammad Hassan & Daivari
    3. Strikeforce- Tito Santana/Rick Martel
    4. The Brood- Gangrel/Kevin Thorn
    5. Team U.S.A. Kurt Angle/The Patriot
    6. Dos Caras & Mil Mascaras
    7. Crush & The Warlord
    8. The Maniacs- Bruiser Brody & The Berzerker
    9. The Samoans - Umaga & Samu
    10. Ultimo Dragon & The Great Sasuke

    Cruiserweight Title Contenders:

    1. Ultimo Dragon
    2. Tajiri
    3. Petey Williams
    4. Dynamite Kid
    5. The Great Sasuke
    6. Daivari
    7. Mikey Whipwreck
    8. Ultimo Guerrero

    Woman's Title Contenders:

    1. Luna Vachon
    2. Sensational Sherri
    3. Alundra Blayze
    4. Bull Nakano
    5. Ariel
    6. Dawn Marie
    7. Kimberly Page




    The Grand Wizard

    Antonio Inoki, Yokozuna, Muhammad Hassan, Daivari,Tajiri, Dynamite Kid

    The Foreign Embassy plan on taking over the R.A.W federation. Muhammad Hassan got the group together. He was tired of the fans discriminating against him because he is Muslim, and feels he is being treated unfairly because of it by Adamle and the R.A.W. Federation and roster. He hired a lawyer to sue the federation and got other non Americans to join him in his lawsuit. They decided to drop their case and hired Hall of Fame Manager The Grand Wizard instead. The Wizard decided to align himself with them because of his hatred for Kurt Angle and all the phony Americans in the company and the fans that are against his group. Their plan is for domination in the federation and to take all the gold. They will destroy anyone who gets in their path and tries to stop their plan.

    The Brood


    James Mitchell

    Gangrel, Kevin Thorn, Luna Vachon, Ariel

    The Brood is a mysterious bunch. They will beat the hell out of anyone that gets in their way, and will even fight themselves. Their thirst for mayhem and blood is never ending.

    Lou's Wrecking Crew


    Captain Lou Albano

    Bruiser Brody, The Berzerker, The Missing Link, Umaga, Samu

    Lou's Crew are nuts. They like to fight, but they are out of control. They need Lou to reel them in. They are fan favorites and battle the Brood and the Foreign Embassy.

    TV Shows:

    Monday Night Showdown : 8pm-10pm EST channel F/X Hosts: Joey Styles & Jesse Ventura

    Saturday Night Midnight Madness: 12am-1am EST channel- HBO... Put the women and children to bed. Anything goes in this late night cutting edge show. Hosted by Joey Styles & Jesse Ventura

    High Noon- Sunday recap show: 12pm-1pm EST channel- F/X Hosted by Dawn Marie & Lou Albano

    Notable Feuds:

    Kurt Angle vs Daniel Byran
    Kurt Angle vs muhammad Hassan
    Kurt Angle vs Batista
    Kurt Angle vs Antonio Inoki
    Kurt Angle vs Yokozuna
    Batista vs Jesse Ventura
    Batista vs Yokozuna
    Bruiser Brody vs Jesse Ventura
    Bruiser Brody vs Yokozuna
    Ultimo Dragon vs Tajiri
    Ultimo Dragon vs Ultimo Guerrero
    Sensational Sherri vs Alundra Blayze
    Luna Vachon vs Alundra Blayze
    Bull Nakano vs Alundra Blayze
    Bruiser Brody & Berzerker vs The Brood
    The Patriot vs Daivari
    Dawn Marie vs Kimberly Page
    Dynamite Kid vs Petey Williams


    The biggest ppv of the year. This is where wrestlers are forever immortalized in the history books and they become legends forever.

    R.A.W. Heavyweight Championship

    The Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle vs The American Dragon Bryan Danielson- Iron Man Submission Match

    Hating being called Daniel Bryan by the "other" company, Bryan Danielson goes back to his roots. He reminds everyone who he is, and that he is the true American, not Kurt Angle. He is the American Dragon and a submission Master. He challenges Angle for the title in an Iron Man submission match. Who will get the most submissions in 60 minutes? Will there be any? Maybe there won't be anyway, and it will have to go to sudden death. What will prevail, the ankle lock, or the no lock?

    United States Championship

    Batista vs Antonio Inoki

    Batista has helped Angle take on The Foreign Embassy. Inoki holds the United States Championship which he defiled with spray paint and renamed it The Japan Heavyweight Championship claiming it is the true heavyweight championship in the company and that he is the top champ. Can Batista bring the gold back to the states?

    First Blood Match

    Gangrel vs Kevin Thorn

    These two have a thirst for blood. Even though they are friends, they decided there isn't anyone they rather face then each other. Who will bleed first? Whoever, they both win.

    Tag Team Championship

    Strikeforce vs Hassan & Daivari vs Mil Mascaras & Dos Caras

    Strikeforce are the tag champions, but they have their work cut out for them facing two teams at Immortality. Hussan & Daivari have been wreaking havoc in R.A.W. with the Foreign Embassy, and look to add more gold to the stable. Mascaras & Caras want to show everyone why they are legends in Mexico.

    Cruiserweight Championship

    Ultimo Dragon vs Ultimo Guerrero

    The Battle of the Ultimates. Ultimo Dragon is the champ, and Ultimo Guerrero is the #1 contender. What will happen when these two lock up?

    Women's Title Match

    Bull Nakano vs Alundra Blayze vs Sensational Sherri vs Luna Vachon

    Bull Nakano is the Champ, having stolen the title from Blayze at the Salvation PPV with the help from her manager The Grand Wizard. Sherri also has a problem with Blayze and wants the title. Luna has a problem with everyone and doesn't care who she has to beat up to be champ. Will Blayze get her title back, or are the odds stacked against her?

    Yokozuna vs Umaga

    The Japanese Sumo vs The Samoan bulldozer. Yoko has the size advantage, but that won't stop Umaga in his attempts to cut him down. Umaga wants revenge for Yoko taking out Samu and putting him on the shelf for several months when Yoko took exception to Umaga & Samu turning down the offer of joining the Embassy. Will Umaga get payback for Samu and show why they don't need the Embassy, or will Yoko take out Umaga like he did Samu and show them they made a grave mistake turning them down? What will happen when these two giants lock up?

    Hardcore Match

    Bruiser Brody vs Jesse "The Body" Ventura

    Ventura has been ripping Brody on commentary for months. Brody has finally had enough. They will battle in a no holds barred hardcore match. Can Ventura survive something Brody specializes in? Maybe his mouth has gotten him into trouble for the last time.

    Bra & Panties Match

    Dawn Marie vs Kimberly Page

    Kimberly thinks Dawn has gotten unfair treatment and undeserved title shots by being Adamle's "personal assistant". Dawn is insulted by the accusations and that she has slept her way to the top and has Adamle wrapped around her finger. Who will get stripped first?

    #1 contenders match for the Cruiserweight Championship

    Tajiri vs The Great Sasuke vs Petey Williams vs Dynamite Kid

    The odds are stacked against Williams and Sasuke with two Embassy members involved in the match. Will the Embassy members team up to make sure one of them walks out as the #1 contender, or will jealousy among them cause friction in the match?

    PPV Schedule:

    Jan- New Year's Wrestlelution
    Feb- Winter Of Discontent
    March- March Mayhem
    April- Salvation
    May- Immortality
    June- Sacrifice
    July- Double Jeopardy
    August-Summer Fest
    September- Break The Rules
    October- Fright Night
    November- Collision Course
    December- Civil War

    PPV gimmicks:

    Double Jeopardy ppv is an Adamle original. Every title has to be defended twice.

    Break The Rules ppv Another Adamle original. Reverse finisher match- The only way to win the 3 single title belts is by using the champs finisher on him.

    Tag Team Role Reversal- Tag champs and challengers must team up with the opponent on the other team. Chaos happens as teamates try to prevent their partner from pinning the other team, because whoever makes the pin, that team becomes the champs.

    March Mayhem ppv- Yet another Adamle original. March Mayhem is the tournament all wrestlers on the roster hope to be in. 16 wrestlers are picked. The top 16 in wins in the company up to that point are the lucky ones selected. The first round consists of 8 matches with a 5 minute time limit. If you don't win within 5 minutes, both are disqualified. Second round consists of 4 10 minute matches. Same rules as the first round. 3rd round consists of 2 15 minute matches. Same rules as first two rounds. The finale 30 minute iron man match. Whoever ends up with the most pinfalls earns the right to face the champion at Superslam Fest, the biggest event of the year.
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    Jan 2009
    International Wrassle Alliance

    Owner: BranWingss, More Then Most

    TV Shows:

    Monday Night Redemption - 9:00 PM EST
    Thursday Rumble Wars - 8:30 PM EST

    IWA Championships
    IWA World Heavyweight Championship
    IWA Attitude Championship
    IWA Hardcore Championship
    IWA Women's Championship
    IWA Tag Team Championship
    IWA Flyweight Championship
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    Feb 2009
    Toronto ON, Canada
    (North East Wrestling Federation)

    President and CEO: Jays Claw

    TV Shows:

    Monday Night Mayhem - 9:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM PST
    Friday Night Beatdowns - 8:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM PST

    N.E.W.F Championships:

    - N.E.W.F World Heavyweight Championship
    - N.E.W.F Canadian Championship
    - N.E.W.F Television Championship
    - N.E.W.F Tag-team Championship
    - N.E.W.F Divas Championship


    1. "The Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michaels (Round 1, pick #2)
    2. A.J. Styles (Round 2, pick #33)
    3. "The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith (Round 3, pick #36)
    4. Scott Steiner (Round 4, pick #67)
    5. "The World's Greatest Tag Team" Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas (Round 5, pick #70)
    6. The Sandman (Round 6, pick #101)
    7. Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas (Round 7, pick #104)
    8. Jerry "The King" Lawler (Round 8, pick #135)
    9. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan (Round 9, pick #138)
    10. Perry Saturn (Round 9, pick #146)
    11. Steve Blackman (Round 12, pick #203)
    12. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (Round 13, pick #206)
    13. Sunny (Round 14, pick #237)
    14. Ashley Massaro (Round 15, pick #240)
    15. "The Bodydonnas" Skip {Chris Candido} & Zip {Tom Prichard} (Round 15, pick #248)
    16. "The Bushwhackers" Luke Williams & Butch Miller (Round 16, pick #271)
    17. Gorilla Monsoon (Round 17, pick #274)
    18. Kamala (Round 18, pick #303)
    19. Brooke Tessmacher (Round 19, pick #306)
    20. Grizzly Smith (Round 20, pick #337)
    21. Stu Hart (Free Agency)
    22. Bob Orton, Sr. (Free Agency)
    23. "The Dicks" James & Chad (Free Agency)
    24. Paul Burchill (Free Agency)
    25. Tamina Snuka (Free Agency)
    26. Eugene (Free Agency)
    27. Simon Dean (Free Agency)
    28. Kaitlyn (Free Agency)
    29. Serena Deeb (Free Agency)
    30. Johnny Weaver (Free Agency)
    31. David Arquette (Free Agency)
    32. Eminem (Free Agency)
    33. Traci Brooks (Free Agency)
    34. Cody Deaner (Free Agency)
    35. Tank Abbott (Free Agency)


    - January ~ Newfoundland's Ultimate Glacier Wrestling Challenge {Location: St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador}
    - February ~ Survivor {Location: Chicago, Illinois} [Royal Rumble PPV]
    - March ~ Spring Cleanout! {Location: Detroit, Michigan}
    - April ~ Annihilation {Location: Toronto, Ontario} [Wrestlemania PPV]
    - May ~ Calgary's Stampede Wrestling Reunion {Location: Calgary, Alberta} (Outdoor venue)
    - June ~ Bad & Wreckless {Location: Boston, Massachusetts}
    - July ~ Canada's National Wrestling Rundown {Location: Montréal, Québec} (Outdoor venue)
    - August ~ Summer Bash! {Location: New York City, New York} (Outdoor venue) [SummerSlam PPV]
    - September ~ The Last Knight Standing {Location: Regina, Saskatchewan} [Night of Champions PPV]
    - October ~ Winnepig's Dungeon of Painful Wrestling {Location: Winnepig, Manitoba}
    - November ~ The Darkest Night {Location: Vancouver, British Colombia}
    - December ~ Yukon's Winter Classic {Location: Yellowknife, Yukon}


    N.E.W.F World Heavyweight Championship:

    1. "The Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michaels (Face) [Champion]
    2. A.J Styles (Face)
    3. "The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith (Heel)
    4. Scott Steiner (Heel)
    5. Gorilla Monsoon (Face)
    6. Kamala (Heel)
    7. Eminem (Face)

    N.E.W.F Canadian Championship:

    1. Stu Hart (Face) [Champion]
    2. Jerry "The King" Lawler (Heel)
    3. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan (Face)
    4. Bob Orton, Sr. (Heel)
    5. The Sandman (Face)
    6. Johnny Weaver (Face)
    7. Tank Abbott (Heel)

    N.E.W.F Television Championship:

    1. Steve Blackman (Face) [Champion]
    2. Perry Saturn (Heel)
    3. Paul Burchill (Heel)
    4. Grizzly Smith (Face)
    5. Eugene (Face)
    6. Simon Dean (Heel)
    7. David Arquette (Face)
    8. Cody Deaner (Heel)

    N.E.W.F Tag-team Championship:

    1. "The World's Greatest Tag Team" Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas (Heel) [Champions]
    2. Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas (Face)
    3. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (Heel)
    4. "The Bodydonnas" Skip & Zip w/ Sunny (Heel)
    5. "The Bushwhackers" Luke Williams & Butch Miller (Face)
    6. "The Dicks" James & Chad (Heel)

    N.E.W.F Divas Championship:

    1. Brooke Tessmacher (Heel) [Champion]
    2. Sunny (Heel)
    3. Ashley Massaro (Face)
    4. Tamina Snuka (Face)
    5. Kaitlyn (Face)
    6. Serena Deeb (Face)
    7. Traci Brooks (Heel)


    Main Event:

    N.E.W.F World Heavyweight Championship

    Fatal 4-Way Steel Cage Match

    vs. vs. vs.

    N.E.W.F Canadian Championship

    5-man Gauntlett Match

    vs. vs. vs. vs.

    N.E.W.F Television Championship

    Singles Match


    N.E.W.F Tag-team Championship

    Tornado Tag-team Match


    N.E.W.F Divas Championship

    Bra and Panties Match


    Free Agency Statements:
    Future Endeavoured/Released Talents:


    To N.E.W.F:

    9th rounder (#146) + 15th rounder (#248)

    To eaglesbaby4lyfe:

    10th rounder (#169) + 11th rounder (#172)
    Officially signed free agents:

    1. Stu Hart
    2. Bob Orton, Sr.
    3. "The Dicks" James & Chad
    4. Paul Burchill
    5. Tamina Snuka
    6. Eugene
    7. Simon Dean
    8. Kaitlyn
    9. Serena Deeb
    10. Johnny Weaver
    11. David Arquette
    12. Eminem
    13. Traci Brooks
    14. Cody Deaner
    15. Tank Abbott
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    Dec 2009
    IT DOESN'T MATTER what W Wrestling's clubhouse looks like!

    W Wrestling, Part III

    Round one: Hulk Hogan
    Round two: Ultimate Warrior
    Round three: Rob Van Dam
    Round four: The Big Show
    Round five: TRADED
    Round six: Rikishi
    Round six: Test
    Round seven: Too Cool (Grandmaster Sexay, Scotty 2 Hotty)
    Round eight: King Kong Bundy
    Round nine: La Résistance (Sylvain Grenier, Rob Conway)
    Round ten: Full Blooded Italians (Nunzio, Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli)
    Round eleven: Big Daddy V
    Round twelve: Val Venis
    Round thirteen: Mr. Fuji and Professor Toru Tanaka
    Round fourteen: Stevie Richards
    Round fifteen: Cowboy Bob Orton
    Round sixteen: Jamie Noble
    Round seventeen: Chief Wahoo McDaniel
    Round eighteen: Kid Kash
    Round nineteen: Chief Jay Strongbow and Billy White Wolf
    Sunday Night ****-Show

    W Heavyweight Championship
    Hulk Hogan
    Ultimate Warrior
    Cowboy Bob Orton

    W Hardcore Championship
    Rob Van Dam
    Stevie Richards

    W United States Championship
    The Big Show
    King Kong Bundy
    Big Daddy V

    W Cruiserweight Championship
    Jamie Noble
    Kid Kash

    W Tag Team Championship
    Grandmaster Sexay & Scotty 2 Hotty
    Sylvain Grenier & Rob Conway
    Nunzio & Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli
    Mr. Fuji & Professor Toru Tanaka
    Chief Jay Strongbow & Billy White Wolf

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    Nov 2009
    Toronto, ON
    GM's: Saddler the Magnificent & riveramk2
    Company Name: Prime-Time Wrestling

    Draft Picks:
    Round 1 (3) - The Rock
    Round 2 (32) - Jeff Hardy
    Round 3 (37) - Kane
    Round 4 (55) - Psycho Sid/Sid Vicious
    Round 4 (66) - Christian
    Round 7 (105) - LAX: Hernandez and Homicide
    Round 7 (111) - Billy Kidman
    Round 8 (134) - Trish Stratus
    Round 9 (139) - Torrie Wilson
    Round 10 (168) - Shane Mcmahon
    Round 11 (173) - Stephanie Mcmahon
    Round 12 (202) - Bobby Heenan
    Round 13 (207) - Primo & Epico
    Round 14 (236) - Buff Bagwell
    Round 15 (241) - Don Muraco
    Round 16 (270) - Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake
    Round 17 (275) - D'lo BRown
    Round 18 (302) - Abraham Washington
    Round 19 (307) - Gunner
    Round 20 (336) - Bad News Brown

    TV Shows:

    PTW World Heavyweight Championship
    PTW American Championship
    PTW Hardcore Championship
    PTW Womens Championship
    PTW Tag Team Championship

    "The Most Electrifying Man in all of Sports Entertainment" The Rock
    "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton
    "The Big Red Machine" Kane
    Psycho Sid
    "Captain Charisma" Christian
    LAX: Hernandez and Homicide
    Billy Kidman
    Trish Stratus
    Torrie Wilson
    "Shane-O-Mac" Shane Mcmahon
    "The Billion Dollar Princess" Stephanie Mcmahon
    Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
    Primo & Epico
    Buff Bagwell
    Don Muraco
    Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake
    D'lo Brown
    "AW" Abraham Washington
    Bad News Brown
    Luther Reigns


    Corporate Nation (The Rock, Stephanie McMahon, and formerly Shane Mcmahon. They join forces to stop Orton and take down his havoc wreaking crew that does anything they can to keep Orton as champion, which includes assaulting Orton's opponents during matches, after matches, and backstage) - Faces

    The Legend Killers (Randy Orton, Gunner and Luther Reigns as his lackeys/bodyguards and Shane Mcmahon. Shane betrays the Corporate Nation and joins the Legend Killers to manage the most dominant Stable in the company. They take no prisoners and have no fear of beating down opponents to show dominance over the company) - Heels

    Announce Team: ******, More-Then-Most & Riveramk2


    Main Event: Rock vs Orton - For the PTW World Heavyweight Championship
    Last Man Standing: Kane vs Sid
    Christian vs Kidman - For the PTW American Championship
    Triple Threat TLC Tag Match: LAX vs Primo & Epico vs Luther Reigns & Gunner- For the PTW Tag Team Championship
    Bra & Panties Match: Torrie vs Trish - For the PTW Womens Championship
    D'lo Brown w/ AW vs Buff Bagwell
    Shane vs Beefcake - Falls Count Anywhere/Loser Cuts his Hair Match
    Don Muraco vs Bad News Brown

    1) ichi and la trade
    Randy Orton
    Pick 55
    Pick 116


    rivera and saddler trade
    Jeff Hardy
    Pick 71
    Pick 100
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    Jun 2010
    The U
    Boki Nachbar's Wrestling Guys

    Main Event
    Brock Lesnar
    Samoa Joe
    Seth Rollins/Tyler Black

    High Flyers
    Evan Bourne

    Tag Teams
    Motor City Machine Guns
    Hawkins & Ryder
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    You Mad?

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    Oct 2010
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    May 2010
    Providence RI
    Royal Wrestling Association
    RWA Triple crown world title: RWA TV title: RWA Tag Team Titles:

    Weekly Television Shows

    Hype ch NBC Sports network Saturdays at 9 pm
    Genesis Ch NBC Sports Network Sundays at 9pm

    Dynasty (Rwa's Royal Rumble) Feb

    Legacy( RWA's Wrestlemaina) June

    Summer Classic (RWA's Summer Slam) August

    Last Man Standing (RWA's Survivor Series) November

    RWA Owner & president:Gabe Sapolsky

    RWA GM: Chris Harris

    Draft Picks/ Roster
    1st CM Punk
    3rd Austin Aries
    Traded for Dolph Ziggler
    5th Chistopher Daniels
    6th William Regal
    7th Nigel McGuinness/Desmond Wolfe
    9th MVP
    9th The Prime Time Players! Darren young & Titus Oneil
    10th Kevin Steen
    11th Cryme tyme: Shad & Jtg
    12th The Pope D'angelo Dinero
    13th Generation Me: Nick & Matt Jackson
    13th Future Shock Kyle O'riley & Adam Cole
    14th & 19 th Jack & Jerry Brisco
    15th "The Sexy" Kenny Dykstra
    17th Steve Corino
    18th Dean Ambrose
    18th & 19th Dino Bravo & the Mountie : The Quebec city Saints
    Braden Walker/Chris Harris
    "the Pro" Mike Mondo
    Jimmy Jacobs
    Richie Steamboat (rickeys son)
    El generico
    Teddy Hart
    rodrick strong.
    Stables & Mangers


    Scums Theme:

    The Band of Brothers!

    Team Canada

    The Mountie & Dino Bravo
    Team Canada Theme:


    Tthe Big 3 theme

    The Trios Leader Board
    1. Scum* 3-0
    2. band of brothers* 2-1
    3. The Big3 1-2
    4. Team Canada 0-3

    Legacy Card!

    Main Event: RWA Triple Crown World Title Match: Triple Threat Match

    CM PUNK VS AUSTIN ARIES vs Kevin Steen

    RWA TV title:
    Dolph Ziggler vs "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels

    London Street fight
    William Regal vs Nigel McGuinness

    MVP vs The Pope D'angelo Dinero

    RWA TAG TITLE Match: Fatal 4 way TLC
    The Prime Time Players vs Cryme Tyme vs Generation ME vs Future Shock

    Trios Match: CHampionship Finals


    Scum (Jacobs, Corino & Ambrose)vs The Band Of Brothers (Dykstra, Mondo & Strong)

    Jack & Gerry Brisco Vs Dino Bravo & the Mountie (the Quebec City Saints)

    Teddy Hart /w scott d'amore vs Richie Steamboat

    Delirious vs El generico / w Scott D'amore
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    Jul 2010
    The Mecca
    1. Bret Hart
    2. Eddie Guerrero
    3. Owen Hart
    4. Rick Rude
    5. Dean Malenko
    6. Honeky Tonk Man
    7. Alberto Del Rio
    8. Barry Windham
    9. The American Wolves *Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards*
    10. Mexicool * Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis*
    11. Kaz
    12. The All Night Express *Kenny King and Rhett Titus*
    13. Jim "The Anvil " Nedihart
    14. DH Smith
    15. Jimmy Hart
    16. Gail Kim
    17. The Beautiful People *Angelina Love and Velvet Sky*
    18. The Bella Twins
    19. British Invasion * Doug Williams and Magnus*
    20. KoKo B Ware

    FA-Madinson Rayne
    FA-Taylor Wilde
    FA-Kaitie Burchill aka Winter
    FA-Roxxi Lavuex
    FA-Kenny Omega
    F/A- Joey Ryan
    F/A-Amazing Red
    F/A-Sonjuy dutt
    F/A-Scorpio Sky aka Harold
    F/A-Savio Vega
    F/A-Brooklyn Brawler
    F/A-Cherry Bomb
    F/A-Nitro Girls (Frye&AC Jazz)
    F/A-Spice(nitro girls)

    Announce Team
    f/a- Don West
    f/a- Hector Guerrero

    Ring Announcer - f/a- Lilian garcia

    The New Hart Dynasty
    Bret Hart
    Owen Hart
    Jim "The Anvil" Nedihart
    DH Smith
    Jimmy Hart

    Eddie Guerrero
    Alberto Del Rio

    Bound For Glory

    Iron Man - TNA World Title Match
    Bret Hart w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Eddie Guerrero

    United States Championship Match
    Rick Rude vs. The Honky Tonk Man vs. Barry Windham

    Triple Threat - Tag Team Championship Match
    (All Night Express) Kenny Kign and Rhett Titus vs. (American Wolves) Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards) vs.( British Invasion) Doug Williams and Magnus

    Ultimate X - X Division Championship Match
    Dean Malenko vs. Joey Ryan vs. Amazing Red vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Kaz

    War Games
    (The New Hart Dynasty) Owen Hart, DH Smith, and Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart vs. (LWO) Alberto Del Rio and (Mexi-Cool) Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis

    Knockouts Tag Title Match
    (The Beautiful People) Angelina Love and Velvet Sky vs. The Bella Twins

    Knockouts Title Match
    Gail Kim vs. Winter
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    My PWW checklist

    Wrigs - Check
    HTown - Check
    Riv - Check
    Jrm - Check
    Saddler - Check
    Rob - Check
    Sep - Check
    Swede - Let's just put a Check
    Dmac - It will be a Season of Beatings
    Mitb - Check
    Prestige Champion - Check
    World Champion - Check
    Creater of the First and most dominate Stable in PWW history
    The First Famly - Check

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    Chairman & CEO
    John Walls Era

    General Manager


    Weekly TV Show
    Monday Night Smash

    Titles & Contenders
    F.I.W. World Heavyweight Championship

    F.I.W. Intercontinental Championship

    F.I.W. Extreme Championship

    F.I.W. Cruiserweight Championship

    F.I.W. Tag Team Championships

    1. Roddy Piper - Heel
    2. Chris Benoit - Face
    3. Sgt. Slaughter - Face
    4. Iron Sheik - Heel
    5. Superstar Billy Graham - Heel          
    6. Demolition - Heel
    7. Hardcore Holly - Face
    8. The Original Sheik - Heel
    9. Chavo Guerrero - Heel
    10. The Hurricane - Face    
    11. Crash Holly - Face  
    12. John Laurinaitis - Heel
    13. Pedro Morales - Face  
    14. Vicky Guerrero - Heel


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    Weekly TV Shows

    President Of The Company

    Jim Cornette has never been one to hold back on his feelings for anyone. Plus, he's been a guy who's run or worked in wrestling promotions all across the US and has drawn big crowds to many of those events in very small venues. He's an old school guy who also knows what the modern era likes. Plus, he's a fiery guy and one of the greatest managers of all time. He can write, manage and deal with talent. Plus, he once slapped santino in the face in real life. How will he be able to contend with the antics of guys like Santino, Eric Young and Brian Pillman?


    It's AJ. What more do i have to say. AJ may be a little crazy but she's gonna be under extreme scrutiny from Mr. Cornette (Who hates skipping) and have to deal with the affections of guys like the Macho Man, Brian Pillman and Edge all while being a good general manager otherwise she'll never hear the end of it from Jim Cornette.


    Well We have the cast of WCW with Zbysko and Shiavone. Gordon Sollie is regarded by many as the greatest commentator of all time so it's good to have a guy that makes your matches look good and sound good. Shiavone and Zbysko can both be the color guys and heel as well. Also Cornette can step down to commentate and so can the Macho Man so you never know what's gonna happen at the IWC announce table on any given night.


    Howard Finkel has an legendary voice. It adds some class and dignity to the promotion when he announces wrestlers coming down the ramp.
    Triple Threat Match For IWC World Heavyweight Championship

    VS. VS.

    Macho Man Randy Savage vs Ricky The Dragon Steamboat vs Edge

    Widely considered to be one of the greatest Wrestlemania matches ever, Steamboat and Savage tore the roof off Wrestlemania 3. However, this time they're going to fight for the Heavyweight title and this time they're not alone. they're going to be joined by 'The Rated R Superstar' who wants to prove that he can hang with the Macho Man.

    IWC Tag Team Title Match


    Legion of Doom vs Beer Money Inc.

    Well, we got really lucky that we were able to snag these two teams to face each other. LOD is arguably the greatest tag team ever and Beer money are arguably the best tag team in recent memory. Both Storm and Roode have been very successful after breaking off so you really feel that this is a legitimate match-up for LOD. Both teams are built on the power game yet they can get down and dirty when they need to. Beer Money are out to prove that they can contend with LOD and kick their *****. This is more than just titles. This is about Respect. Who is the best Tag Team in the world?

    1 on 1 Boxing Heavyweight Title Match


    Muhammed Ali vs Floyd Mayweather

    Well considering we drafted these two guys in Free Agency, we think that this was a pretty solid coup. Ali did a little bit of wrestling (Actual Matches) and Mayweather had the match against Big Show. It's a pretty good attraction to draw fans who aren't necessarily wrestling fans. A good dream match for almost any boxing fan.

    Ladder Match For The IWC US Title

    Brian Pillman vs Magnum Ta

    Brian Pillman hates old school wrestling. He likes to keep it extreme and unpredictable however Magnum TA stands in his way as he can't allow Pillman to run loose in the company that he works. Expect a gritty and tough yet unpredictable match between these two.

    Elimination Chamber For The Super Heavy Weight Title

    Bam Bam vs Abyss vs Matt Morgan vs Big John Studd vs Giant Gonzales vs Greg Valentine

    This was one of our main ideas before the draft. Draft a lot of big guys and have an elimination chamber with them. Luckily we have some people that can wrestle along with people than can do a good spot. Morgan, Abyss and Bam Bam can all actually wrestle well. Bam Bam actually uses the top turnbuckle so there will be some high flying moments. John Studd body slammed Andre so it would be a pretty sweet spot to see him slam the humongous Giant Gonzales who was 7'7 inches tall. Morgan, Valentine, Abyss, Bam Bam all wrestle well so it would actually be interesting near the end of the match.

    IWC Inter-Gender Tag Team Title Match


    Santino & Aj vs Eric Young & ODB

    What's a show without some comedy? Well, it's gonna hard to find a better comedic match than this. Santino is one of the funniest talents in wrestling and ODB & EY are doing that comedy in TNA. AJ is just pure awesome and her dose of crazy fits in really well with ODB and EY in a match. Expect the unexpected from this match.

    1 on 1 Managers Of The Main Event Match (Savage & Steamboat)


    Jay Lethal vs George Steele

    This was a pretty great idea by Scotty. On one hand, you have George Steele who was in Steamboats corner for that great WM 3 match. On the other, you have Jay Lethal who did a gimmick on Randy Savage as Black Machismo. These are solid elements to build a match as both guys develop a rivalry that spins off their allegiances towards the guys that they represent.

    Original Varsity Club vs. Varsity Club 2012

    Rick Steiner, Dr Death & Kevin Sullivan vs Alex Riley, Husky Harris & Colt Cabana

    Many of you may not be familiar with the Varsity Club but it was one of the most imposing stables in wrestling. All the guys were very tough and they just looked like they could kick some ***. They all wore the Letterman jackets like Riley does. Husky Harris is the son of Mike Rotunda who was also a member of Varsity Club and Colt Cabana has a similar look and he also tagged with riley in the indy's setting the stage for this 6 man tag team match. Expect a gritty and physical match between these two factions.

    Cowboys Vs Indians Match


    Larry Zbysko & Bart Gunn vs Tatanka & Jinder Mahal

    Jinder Mahal and Tatanka combine to form the New Indians. Bart Gunn was a cowboy and he'll tag with The Living Legend in this grudge match.

    IWC Divas Title Match


    Mae Young vs Wendi Richter

    Two of the greatest divas in the history of wrestling who can actually wrestle. Wendi Richter was forced to vacate the WWF women's title by the Fabulous Moolah so she's out for revenge against her best friend Mae Young.

    Triple Threat Elimination Tables Match

    VS. VS.

    Snitsky vs Nathan Jones vs Zeus

    Three Big Dudes. Tables. Deebo. Enough Said.

    Hardcore Title Match


    Droz vs 'Screamin' Norman Smiley

    Easily the weirdest match on our card but Norman Smiley had some awesome hardcore matches in WCW and Droz was also terrific before his career ending accident. Expect the weapons underneath to be completely broken by the end of this match. Also look forward to Droz's signature throwing up during the match followed by the highest pitch scream ever from Norman Smiley.

    Draft Picks
    1. Macho Man Randy Savage (Pick #13 - Acquired From Celtic Al)
    2. Andre The Giant (Pick # 22) (Traded To Ichitown For Edge)
    3. Ricky The Dragon Steamboat (Pick # 27)
    4. Legion Of Doom (Road Warrior Hawk & Road Warrior Animal) (Pick # 56)
    5. Beer Money Inc. (Bobby Roode & James Storm) (Pick # 61)
    6. Brian Pillman (Pick # 76)
    7. Abyss (Pick # 95)
    8. Matt Morgan (Pick # 110)
    9. Santino Marella (Pick # 129)
    10. AJ Lee (Pick # 163)
    11. The Beast From The East Bam Bam Bigelow (Pick # 173)
    12. Eric Young & ODB (Pick # 178)
    13. Magnum TA (Pick # 197)
    14. Big John Studd (Pick # 218)
    15. Jim Cornette (Pick # 251)
    16. George "The Animal" Steele (Pick # 260)
    17. "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal (Pick # 265)
    18. Varsity Club - Rick Steiner & "Dr. Death" Steve Williams (Pick # 291)
    19. Alex Riley (Pick # 325)
    20. Colt Cabana (Pick # 326)
    Free Agent Acquisitions 
    1. Muhammed Ali 
    2. Floyd Money Mayweather
    3. Gene Snitsky
    4. Tatanka
    5. Husky Harris
    6. Tony Shiavone
    7. Mae Young
    8. Kevin Sullivan
    9. Howard Finkel
    10. Giant Gonzalez 
    11. Jinder Mahal
    12. Larry Zbysko
    13. Greg Valentine
    14. Gordon Sollie
    15. Zeus (DEEBO)
    16. Bart Gunn
    17. Nathan Jones 
    18. Screamin Norman Smiley 
    19. Wendi Richter
    20. Droz
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    Shows: Monday Night Lights
    LAC World Heavyweight Title
    LAC TV Title
    LAC Tag team Titles
    LAC Hardcore Title
    LAC Hoeski Title

    On The Line (WM) Over and Gone (Rumble)
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    The Chainsaw Manor
    Freaking Awesome Wrestling

    Your Co-Presidents H-Town Mastodon and Jrm2054

    Weekly Show: Monday Night Awesome
    Thursday Throwdown

    Titles: FAW World Heavyweight Championship
    FAW TV Champion
    FAW Femme Fatales(women's) Champion
    FAW World Tag Team Titles
    FAW Cruiserweight Championship

    January: Awesome Beginnings(Chicago)
    February: Bloody Massacre (Seattle) all hardcore matches
    March: Retribution (Virginia Beach) major ppv
    April: Battle on Bourbon Street (New Oreleans)
    May: Queen of the Ring (Philidelphia) all femme Fatales tourney
    June: Go for the Gold (Boston) -features a 8 man tourney that night for #1 contender status
    July: Beach Battle (Miami) major ppv
    August: Afterburn (Atlanta)
    September: Nightmare on Awesome Street ( Minneapolis)
    October: Silent Hell (Houston) major ppv features the Silent Hell match as the main event
    November: Lethal Lottery (San Diego) main feature is a 8 man Gaultlet match where winner is crowned champion order determined by lottery
    December: Final Fight ( Dallas) FAW's biggest ppv of the year and where the greatest matches take place

    "The King of Kings" HHH-1st round pick #9
    "The Living Legend" Bruno Sammartino- 2nd round pick #26
    "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase Sr.- 3rd round pick #43
    "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson- 4th rd, pick #60
    "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock 5th round pick #77
    Pick #94 rd 6- Mr. Bob Backlund
    Pick #115 rd 7- The Great Muta
    Pick #128 rd 8 - Mark and Jay Briscoe aka the Briscoe Bros.
    Pick #141 rd 9 - Irwan R. Shyster (IRS)/Mike Rotundo
    Pick #144 rd 9 - Jushin Thunder Liger
    Pick #162 rd 10 - "The Queen of Wrestling" Sara Del Rey
    Pick #196 rd 12 - The Natural Diasters Earthquake and Thyphoon
    Pick #213 rd 13 - Manami Toyota
    Pick #230 rd 14 - Vampiro
    Pick #247 rd 15 - "The Faces of Fear" Meng and the Barbarian
    Pick #264 rd 16 - Tully Blanchard
    Pick #279 rd 17 - "The Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff
    Pick #296 rd 18 - Jerry Lynn
    Pick #313 rd 19 - Molly Holly
    Pick #330 rd 20 - Tiger Mask l (Satoru Sayama)
    Free Agent #1 - Daffany
    Free Agent #2 - Christina Von Eerie
    Free Agent #3 - Jazz
    Free Agent #4 - Alex Wright
    Free Agent #5 - Jack Evans
    #26 Hamada
    #27 Hillbilly Jim
    #28 David Flair and Crowbar
    #29 Aja Kong
    #30 KENTA Kobayashi
    #31 Mike Tenay
    #32 Kevin Kelly
    #34 Mike Quakenbush
    #35 Virgil/Vincent
    #36 Ultramantis Black
    #37 Frightmare and Hallowicked
    #38 Los Psycho Circus (Psycho Clown, Monster Clown and Murder Clown)
    #39 Cheerleader Melissa
    And #40 Mitsuharu Misawa

    Teams and Alliences
    The Dark Carnival:
    Yours Truely as the Manager
    -The Great Muta
    -Christina Von Eerie
    -Los Psycho Circus( Psycho Clown, Monster Clown, Murder Clown)

    Money Inc.:
    -"The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase

    The King and Queen of Wrestling: HHH and Sara Del Ray

    The Spectural Envoy: to use this)
    Ultramantis Black
    Frightmare and Hallowicked

    David Flair and Crowbar w/Daffney
    The Natural Diasters(Earthquake and Thyphoon)
    The Faces of Fear( Meng and the Barbarian)
    The Brain Busters(Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard)
    The Briscoe Brothers (Mark and Jay Briscoe)
    Los Psycho Circus

    Final Fight
    Where All Battles End

    Your Commentators

    "The Professor" Mike Tenay and Kevin Kelly

    Steel Cage Match for the FAW World Heavyweight Chamionship
    w/ vs
    HHH w/ Sara Del Rey vs Bruno Sammartino
    For the entire year, it has been Bruno's goal to win the FAW World Heavyweight Title butthanks to underhanded tatics from HHH, Bruno hasn't even had a chance to compete for it. Since screwing Bruno out of the finals for the title at Awesome Beginnings, HHH has gone on to win the belt from Bob Backlund at Retribution and has since used whatever dirty tatics he can to hold that belt off challengers like Backlund, Arn Anderson, The Great Muta and even the Million Dollar Man's scheme to buy it off him didnt work, but one opponent HHH hasnt faced as champion is Bruno though Bruno did earn a shot by winning Go For the Gold in June, he was promptly ambushed by HHH and his "Queen" Sara Del Ray that has sidelined him since but now Bruno is back and HHH has nowhere else to run.Who will come out on top in this match for the Ultimate prize

    Submission Match
    Bob Backlund vs "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock

    Not many fueds can match up to the craziness that Mr. Backlund and Shamrock have had the past couple of months to the point they just scream at one another but it wasn't always this Awesome Beginnings back in Janurary, Backlund became FAW's first World Champion and held it 2 months before HHH pulled out his bag of Dirty tricks to take the belt since then Backlund has had good success still in FAW claiming the Televison title once, then Samrock came along... In his time here, Shamrock has been nothing but a psycho nutjob trying to break the ankles of anywho who crossed him having a fued with Sammartino early in the year and being in the hunt for the TV title then in Late October on Monday Night Awesome, these two had a match with one another that just turned ugly as Shamrock snapped and broke Backlunds ankle, and so did Backlunds mind and since then Backlund has gone out of his way to assult Shamrock for what he did even as far as eliminating the both of them from Lethal Lottery last month, but now here they are ready to duel it out in a Submission match. The Ankle Lock vs the Crossface Chicken Wing...Who will submit?

    The Carnival vs the Envoy: H-town's fate in the balance
    [CENTER]Los Psycho Circus w/ H-Town Mastodon vs The Spectural Envoy
    Stipulation:If the Envoy wins, it will be Ultramantis Black vs H-Town Mastodon at Awesome beginnings

    The fued now between the Dark Carnival and The Spectural Envoy has reached a climax as it's mostly been Ultramantis' fight to get his hands on the diabolical H-Town Mastodon for all the grief he has given him for half a year now..This started back in June on Monday night awesome when Vampiro was going against Ultramantis and Ultramantis pulled a incredible upset just to have it short lived as H-Town came in he and Vampro attacked him..since then the Envoy has sworn their revenge on H-Town and his Dark Carnival stable by interfering in all of the Carnivals matches since June and have since engaged in plenty of battles at Nightmare on Awesome Street(Monster Clown beating Ultramantis), Silent Hell(Los Psychos beat Frightmare and Hallowicked in a handicap match), and Lethal Lottery( Vampiro beat Frightmare and Hallowicked..with H-Town Helping of course) with all times it was the Carnival coming out on top, yet the Mantis Warrior and his Envoy have continued to come back and cost the Carnival big matches such as costing Vampiro and Muta the tag titles and Vampiro the TV title and the final straw came when they cost Muta Lethal Lottery now causing H-Town to finally put his no wrestling eligbility on the line as he has not been allowed to be an active wrestler all year to contractual obligations and has hidden behind it to avoid the Envoy's full wrath. Can Ultramantis Black be able to finally get his hands on the Dark Carnival's devious manager or will the Envoy just be fed to the Clowns.

    FAW Tag Team Championship Match
    vs w/
    The Brian Busters vs Money Inc.(C) w/ Virgil

    This is a tag match a lot of people have wanted to see and now they are getting it for months Dibiase has tried time and time again to use his money to buy the World Title from Triple H to no avail and it looked like he would go the whole year without winning a title until his money loving friend IRS joined his caused and they worked together to beat the Briscoes at Silent Hell to become the World Tag Team Champions and now look to end the year with the belts, but they have to deal with the very impressive team in Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. They have been teaming off and on all year as Arn has been in the thick of the World Title Scene and being World TV Champion Twice and Tully has missed time with lingering back injuries but they are 100 percent and ready to take on the Million Dollar Champs and don't forget that they have a Ace up their sleeve in Virgil.

    World Televison Title Match
    Nikita Koloff vs Hillbilly Jim(c)

    This one is a good ole' Russia vs USA match as two big beasts duel it out for the FAW TV Title. Jim won the title off Vampiro back in September and has mostly defended it againist members of the Dark Carnival until now he faces a new foe in the fearsome Koloff..claiming that he hasn't be challenged enough by the FAW roster since arriving in June mostly beating the likes of Alex Wright, Mike Quackenbush, and having a brief fued with Misharu Misawa and doing away with them all, The Russian Nightmare finally gets his chance at a title. Will Koloff succeed in winning the TV Tile or will Hillbilly Jim finally halt this beast.

    Femme Fatales Championship Fatal 4-Way
    vs vs vs
    Sara Del Rey(C) vs Cheerleader Melissa vs Molly Holly vs Jazz

    Next to her "King", World Champ HHH, Sara Del Rey has the second longest title reign of the current champions by winning the belt from Manami Toyota at Queen of the Ring thus becoming Queen of the FAW, and like HHH she has used many dirty tatics along with her overwhelming power to defeat nearly all the Femme Fatales in the company but now she has a new challenge...fighting multiple Fatales at a time. She will have to contend with three tough and talented ladies in Cheerleader Melissa, Molly and Jazz all of whom have a bone to pick with the champion. Will the self proclaimed Queen of Wrestling keep her title or will we crown a brand new Femme Fatales Champion.

    Puroesu Grudge Match
    w/ H-Town vs
    The Great Muta w/ H-Town Mastodon vs Jushin Thunder Liger

    This match has gotten quite a bit of attention from Japanese Puroesu fans as these two have put on great matches in the past and now FAW gets to see them finally in action, but how did we get here? Muta, thanks in a large part to The Dark Carnival, has had a lot of success be Former Television Champ and Former Tag Champion with Vampiro and has been in both Go for the Gold and the Lethal Lottery last month but both times came up short in the end .As for Liger, the 2-Time former Cruiserweight Champ has been dueling it out with both Jerry Lynn and Tiger Mask for the gold in recent months since last losing it at Afterburn to Lynn. It was just two weeks ago on MNA where Liger and Muta finally got to be in action with one another, while that match ended with Liger winning via DQ after Muta sprayed the Poison Mist which has led us to this match at Final Fight where the winner will actually be given a shot at the cruiserweight title next month

    Cruiserweight Championship 4-Man Ladder Match
    vs vs vs
    Jerry Lynn(c) vs Mike Quackenbush vs Jack Evans vs Tiger Mask

    After months of fighting his way up the cruiserweight ladder, Mike Quackenbush will finally get a shot at Jerry Lynn's Crusierweight title, however so will Jack Evans and Tiger Mask. This match takes place due to spectacular work by all three challengers who all have something to prove. For Lynn, who won the Cruiserweight title on a November episode of Throwdown from KENTA has looked hot as of late and looks to show a little bit of his hardcore roots in this ladder match. Expect a lot of high risk moves and injuries in this match as these high flyers attempt to make the crowds stand up

    Joshi Dream Match For #1 contendership
    vs vs
    Manami Toyota vs Aja Kong vs Ayako Hamada

    Not much needs to be said about the rivalry Manami Toyota and Aja Kong as they have had 5 star matches in the past in Japan, but for Hamada this is a dream come true as she gets to compete againist two of her favorite joshi stars as she grew up, but now the dream becomes a reality as her idols look to beat her down at a chance for the Femme Fatales titles. Look for this match to be Match of the Night

    Number 1 Contender's match for the TV Title
    vs w/ H-Town vs
    Mitsuharu Misawa vs Vampiro w/H-Town Mastodon vs KENTA

    This is a tale of 3 different stories surrounding the TV Title.....Mitsuharu is looking to gain his first championship after failing to capture the World Title on a couple of occasions, Vampiro is looking to regain the title since losing it to Hillbilly Jim thanks to the Spectural Envoy and KENTA after conquering the Cruiserweight division looks to move up to the Television Title but he has to defeat two of the best FAW has to offer along with the potential problems H-Town Mastodon can bring.

    Number One Contender's Match for the Tag Team Titles
    vs vs w/
    Mark and Jay Briscoe vs The Natural Diasters vs David Flair and Crowbar w/ Daffney

    For nearly 3 quarters of the year the Briscoes have looked like the Tag Team to beat in 2012 then October came and then the wheels came apart as first they lost a non title match to the Natural Diasters and then losing the belts to Money Inc. at Silent Hell and since then have been harassed by Earthquake and Thyphoon for losing and now the Briscoes look to get back at the over half ton of humanity tag team.So you ask why then is David Flair and Crowbar doing in this match..they got into the match by winning a match againist the Faces of Fear back on MNA using their usual tactics of hardcore tag teaming and actually injuring the Barbarians knee causing the team to miss tonight and who knows in the mist of the Briscoes and the Natural Diasters Flair or Crowbar may steal one...though who know they just may be suckers for pain.

    Opening Contest: Punk Princess vs Goth Queen
    w/ H-Town vs
    Christina Von Eerie with H-Town vs Daffney

    This match has been brewing just recently as in a backstage segment the two Femme Fatales in which Christina mocked Daffney on her Gothic Look and then things quickly escalated into a cat fight resulting in Flair and Crowbar and The Dark Carnival to get involved and now here at Final Fight we finally let these two Fatales duke it out
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    ECW World Title 6Man Dance Franchise vs Jericho Vs Nash Vs Ahmed Johnson Vs Jeff Jarrett Vs Kronos

    ECW TV Title 4 MAN CAGE MATCH DDP Vs Ted Dibiase Jr Vs Jack Swagger VS Ezekiel Jackson

    ECW Hardcore Title Rhyno VS Balls Mahoney VS Al Snow Vs 2coldscorpio

    Tag team Ladder
    Kaientai VS head bangers 2/3 Falls

    Nasty Boys Vs PeteGas And JoeyAbS 2/3 Falls

    Ladies Lingerie Free for all Only way to win is strip your opponent
    Alicia Fox VS Maria Kanellis Vs Maryse VS Stacy Keibler Vs EVE Torres

    1.Chris Jericho
    2.Kevin Nash
    3.Diamond Dallas Page
    4.Cody Rhodes
    5.Jeff Jarrett
    6.Damien Sandow
    7.The Franchise Shane Douglas
    8.Ted Dibiase Jr.
    10.Jack Swagger
    11.head bangers
    12.Al Snow
    13.Stacy Keibler
    14.Eve Torres
    15.Taka Michinoku and Funaki- Kaientai
    16.Nasty Boys
    17.Ahmed Johnson
    18.Ezekiel Jackson
    19.Balls Mahoney
    21.Pete Gas
    23.Joey Abs
    24.Maria Kanellis
    25.Alicia Fox

    28.Doryfunk jr President
    29.Joel Gertner Announcer
    30.Bill Alfonso Announcer
    31.Earl Hefner Head Referre

    ECW World Champion The Franchise Shane Douglas

    ECW TV Title Diamond Dallas Page

    ECW Hardcore Rhyno

    ECW Tag team Champions Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow THE RHODE SCHOLARS

    ECW Ladies Champion Eve Torres
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