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Yeah, we need him to produce. At least he seems to have the work ethic and ability to progress. He's looked great so far at least. Wanna see him get more pressure though.
What makes me feel even worse is that we keep drafting guys I want...and it STILL isn't working out.

Ellis, Porter, Pressley, Vaughn, Arnoux, Woods, Wilson, Patrick and Romeus were all players I wanted to draft.

I had insanely high hopes for Romeus and Woods (LSU, duh)...Chip Vaughn was another one I really liked (like, thought he'd replace Harper liked). I'm digging the picks we are making...I can't say, "No! You jackasses! Why the **** did you pick them?!" It would make me feel better if I could!

I wish I had an answer. I wish I knew why the **** Ellis hasn't amounted to **** thus far. Hell, think of this ****...we almost traded up to take Dorsey instead of Ellis, and he hasn't amounted to ****, either! Such a ****ing crapshoot.