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I see people are saying put Nagy in down the line. I honestly feel the man is ready to step in and start somewhere given an opening(like kickin doms *** out the door). He just hasnt been healthy is the main thing. No one can say he cant be, but he hasnt been.

If he could get healthy and step into the lineup that would be really nice. Draft Joeckel, Larry Warford in the 2nd, Eric Reid in the 3rd. Somehow get another 3rd and a 4th and fill those slots with Tyrann Mathieu and Dri Archer.

-have an oline of Joeckel-Sims-Nagy-Warford-Reiff
-skill set would look better just adding Archer, and an upgraded oline instantly helps our run game and makes our offense more potent.
-Secondary adds two stud LSU players in Reid and Mathieu.
-Archer has a sweet name and can return the hell out of the ball and be another threat for us on offense with a 3rd solid running back and an added speedy-slot type player.
I think it'd be a mistake going OL in rounds 1 and 2 when we don't have many picks nor money to fill all the vacancies on D. But if Joeckel is there in the first how can you pass on him?

Nagy is apparently almost there and is going to the facility and taking part in some things (seen it on rotoworld a few weeks ago) and Schwartz said he definitely has future with the team, which is pretty obvious, or why would they hang on to him all year.

Even if he doesn't take over at centre next year, he play can OG too.

Joeckel - Sims - Raiola - Nagy - Reiff

Not much chemistry in that line, but skill wise it's way better than what we have now. But this FO always seems like they owe something to the vets so i'm sure Peterman and Backus will be back even if Joeckel does come here.