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    Jul 2009
    Kalamazoo, MI
    norv going to be fird at the end of this year i would love to get him... im fine with gun

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    Feb 2012

    Full Offseason

    Whole offseason:

    Fire OC Hire Norv Turner. Just announced he will be fired.

    Trade Young for to the Patriots for a fifth and sixth next year
    Trade Backus and Peterman to Cardinals for a fourth and sixth; they need a better line overall. These guys would give them instant veteran starters that can groom younger players.

    Houston 4 years 22 million
    Sammie Hill 3 years 8 million
    Durant 3 years 12 million
    Muhlbach 1 year 500K

    Tag Delmas

    Let Avril, Levy, and C Will go. That is 20 million in cap space right there.

    Sign Stafford to new deal that only pays him 10-12 million this year instead of the 23 million he is owed. I say 5 years 92 million is good for him.

    Free Agents:
    Ryan Clady 4 years 45 million
    Tracy Porter 2 years 8 million


    1. Chance Warmack OG Bama, all pro quality talent. Instant starter.

    2. Eric Reid SS LSU, compete with Silva for starting job. Ballhawk with great measureables.

    3. Marquess Wilson WR Washington State, big receiver who could challenge Burleson to get better and eventually take over at No. 2

    4. Tyrann Mathieu CB LSU*, did not play this yeare but could start returning and challenge at corner to make the rotation in the first year. Potential to start next year.

    5A. Kenjon Barner RB Oregon, best type player with a little more power. Has not shown he has injury problems. Be a good change of pace from the power we have now.

    5B. Micheal Williams TE Bama, great run blocker. Will heller type

    6A. Denard Robinson WR UofM, this is really another receiver pick. If broyles can't come back to form we need a good slot option. Denard is my nineth rated slot receiver. Also good return option.

    6B. William Gholston DE MSU, if he does not return to school he would be worth it here. Monster athlete. With the help of KVB could become a deadly weapon.

    7. Mister Cobble DT Kentucky, good burst. A little short but very good with initial contact. Needs grooming to learn to drive better.

    Depth Chart:

    QB: Stafford, Hill, Moore, Robinson**
    RB: Leshoure, Bell, Barner**, Robinson**
    WR: CJ, Burleson, Broyles, Thomas, Wilson**, Robinson**
    TE: Pettigrew, Schefler, Williams**
    LT: Clady, Fox
    LG: Sims, Nagy
    C: Rioala, (Free Agent; cheap)
    RG: Warmack, Nagy
    RT: Rieff, Hillard

    LE: Young, Gholston, Lewis
    LDT: Suh, Lee-Hill
    RDT: Fairley, Cobble
    RE: KVB, Jackson, Lewis
    LOLB: Durant, Lewis
    MLB: Tulloch, Palmer
    ROLB: Whitehead, Hogue
    LCB: Houston, Bently, Green
    SS: Ried, Silva
    FS: Delmas, Wendling, Mathieu
    RCB: Porter, Mathieu, Greenwood
    Nickel: Bently, Mathieu
    Dime: Mathieu, Green
    K: Hanson
    P: Graham
    KR: Mathieu, Robinson, Barner
    PR: Robinson, Mathieu, Barner
    LS: Muhlbach

    Very good team for the present and future.

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    Jul 2009
    Kalamazoo, MI
    you contacts are very unrealstic

    and i would bet my life that we cant get a 4th for backus and pettermen

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    Flint Town
    I still want Brian Kelly. He is the man for the job. I also think he very well may be available, especially if they lose to Bama which is very possible. Get Norv Turner on the same page, him running the offense would be great. For D coordinator, I would look at Rivera. He very well could be fired,and is a great defensive coach. Also Bamas D coordinator is a possibility ion the league I hear, that is something to look into.

    Then go ahead and trade Titus Young, and a future 5th to Kansas City for Dexter McCluster. He can run, catch, and return. Now we have Calvin, Burleson, Broyles, McCluster, and Thomas. We are pretty much set there. Dont have to draft a RB or WR high now. Can focus on bigger needs.

    Then assuming we pick top 10 and the Rams have two first in the mid teens, I say we look for a trade. Our 1st(which will be top 10), 2nd, 6th, and Pettigrew for both their 1sts and their 4th, as well as a swap of the 3rds. They desperately need a good TE and Pettigrew gives them that.

    -Resign Delmas to a three year deal with lots incentives(cause his injury concerns)
    -resign Durant, Houston, Heller, Sam Hill, I cannot see Corey Williams costing that much. If not he's a reliable 4th DT moving forward.

    Cut Peterman, restructure Backus. I can't see him wanting to go anywhere else at this point.

    Draft day trade:: move back with 2nd 1st, grab another 3rd.

    1A. Taylor Lewan LT Michigan.
    got our two bookend tackles. Let the coaches decide who can play which side going forward.
    1B. Chance Warmack Guard Alabama. Make our offense a two headed monster attack we shouldnt have to rely on passing and Leshoure is good enough to be a lead back, he should get 20 carries a game. Let's give him somewhere to run.
    3A. Tony Jefferson S Oklahoma.
    Would love to have him here in Detroit.
    3B. Will Sutton DE Arizona State.
    This dude is big and strong and has a big time motor. Next to Suh and Fairley we could easily be looking at the scariest dline in football.
    4. Jake Knott LB Iowa State.
    Easy player to like. Good ball player. Will end up startin somewhere in the league
    5. Michael Williams TE Alabama.
    good run blocker, has some potential as a receiver being he is 6'6.
    7. Tyrann Mathieu CB LSU. Complete stud who likes pot. His stock will drop I think. I wont be surprised if he isnt drafted. We as fans love the guy but owers and teams dont like knuckle heads like this for the most part.

    Reiff/Warmack(is a left guard)/Raiola or Nagy/Sims(can play both sides)/Lewan

    Fairley/Sam Hill
    Houston/Mathieu/Green/Bently/Greenwood/Lacey or Florence

    not bad every part of our roster is respectable. May need a center and DE in a year but we can definitely compete with what we have
    Joique Bell

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    Mar 2010
    this is how I'd love to see things go down this offseason:
    if Norv Turner and Rex Ryan get the can:
    Fire both Scott Linehan and Gunther Cunningham, hire Turner and Ryan. I'd love Ryan as a def. coordinator.

    Cut KVB, let Avril go, cut Cherilus and Williams
    re-sign Chris Houston 4 years, $28 mil
    re-sign Louis Delmas 2 years, $8 mil (with large incentives, especially with health)
    re-sign DeAndre Levy 5 years, $33 mil
    re-sign Matthew Stafford, 6 years, $105 mil escalated from $10 mil first year
    re-sign Sammie Lee Hill 3 years, $10 mil
    Trade Titus Young to the Miami Dolphins or New England Patriots for a 5th and 6th round pick
    Trade Brandon Pettigrew to Seattle or St. Louis for a 4th and 7th round pick

    Free Agents:
    -Manny Lawson OLB (CIN)

    1. Dee Milliner CB Bama
    2. Sam Montgomery DE LSU
    3. Bacarri Rambo S Georgia
    4. (from Sea/Stl) Tyrann Mathieu CB/PR/KR LSU
    5.a. Erik Highsmith WR UNC
    5.b. Kenjon Barner RB Oregon
    6.a. Bruce Taylor ILB VT
    6.b. (from Mia/NE) Travis Long DE WSU
    7.a. Chris McDonald OG Mich St.
    7.b. (from Sea/Stl) Marcus Green TE Miss St.

    Depth Chart:
    QB - Matthew Stafford, Shaun Hill, Kellen Moore
    RB- Mikel LeShoure Sr., Joique Bell, Kenjon Barner
    WR- Calvin Johnson Jr., Nate Burleson, Ryan Broyles, Mike Thomas, Erik Highsmith**
    TE- Tony Scheffler, Will Heller, Marcus Green**
    LT- Jeff Backus, Jason Fox
    LG- Rob Sims, Chris McDonald**
    C- Dominic Raiola, Dylan Gandy
    RG- Stephen Peterman, Chris McDonald**
    RT- Reilly Reiff, Corey Hilliard
    LE- Sam Montgomery**, Lawrence Jackson
    DT - Nick Fairley, Sammie Lee Hill
    DT - Ndamukong Suh, Sammie Lee Hill
    RE - Willie Young, Travis Long**, Ronnell Lewis
    OLB - DeAndre Levy, Tahir Whitehead
    MLB - Stephen Tulloch, Ashlee Palmer, Bruce Taylor**
    OLB - Manny Lawson*, Travis Lewis
    LCB - Chris Houston, Jonte Green, Tyrann Mathieu**
    SS - Bacarri Rambo**, Ricardo Silva
    FS - Louis Delmas, Erik Coleman, John Wendling
    RCB - Dee Milliner**, Bill Bentley, Tyrann Mathieu**
    K - Jason Hanson
    P - Nick Harris
    KR - Tyrann Mathieu
    PR - Tyrann Mathieu

    HC - Jim Schwartz
    OC - Norv Turner
    DC - Rex Ryan

    Our running game wouldn't really improve too much, but let's not kid ourselves we're not a team built to be 50-50, or probably even 60-40, maybe Turner can get us closer to 60-40, but we're built around a prolific passing game. Ryan as a def. coordinator brings a take chances type of unit that forces turnovers, gets to the quarterback, is tenacious, and can be a real game-altering defense. Tyrann Mathieu is an obvious upgrade from Stefan Logan. Dee Milliner and Bacarri Rambo, while rookies, immediately step into starting roles and over time improve our DBs tremendously, Mathieu could earn that dime spot from Green. You save a lot of money getting rid of Avril, KVB, Durant, Cherilus, Williams, Florence, Lacey, etc. but knowing that financially we're still digging out of the hole, I'd prefer to make one significant move to replace Durant and improve that OLB spot, and save the rest of the $$ for 2014 so we can continue to add pieces, re-sign players, and better our financial situation. Montgomery can come in right away and easily start or rotate with Jackson and Willie Young at DE. The O-Line, while aging, is a lesser-need as of this moment, and can probably wait for a significant overhaul for at least one year. Just allow Reiff to get his feet a little deeper in the water at RT. In 2014 is when I'd look for the to replace Backus and begin looking for replacements for Raiola and Peterman
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    Kalamazoo, MI
    yall are nuts grew isnt going anywhere

    unless some one drasticly overpays for him.. IE a 1st 3rd and 6th or something... he is worth more then a 4th.. still one the best TEs in game dipite leading in drops
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    Kalamazoo, MI
    5th in recs
    12th in yards
    22 in tds (all our rec tds are low)

    the 2nd to might be a little off... had to use ESPN and the dont have a TE page... i hate the new NFL one

    point is he isnt doing nearly as bad as some of u think... he NEEDS to fix the drops but he isnt going anywhere

    if i reading it right he is above avg in everthing but TDs 20+ 40+.. witch isnt a big conser to me
    Last edited by det32; 12-07-2012 at 01:47 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by det32 View Post
    yall are nuts grew isnt going anywhere

    unless some one drasticly overpays for him.. IE a 1st 3rd and 6th or something... he is worth more then a 4th.. still one the best TEs in game dipite leading in drops
    Quick get Dallas on the phone! They took Roy Williams maybe they'll fall for this.

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    Jul 2009
    Kalamazoo, MI
    lol that was my point

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    Pointless and stupid to move Pettigrew at this point. I'd rather get another receiving TE to go along with him and Scheffler and start using Pettigrew more for blocking, let Will Heller go and bring in a FB.

    And, bring back Durant and please, please let Travis Lewis get some reps at OLB. Someone with his energy and playing the run abilities is what we need in the LB group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pillsberry99 View Post
    would rather have lewis fill levys spot, seeing how durant is the all around better player i think, better pass coverage, both in man and zone, also very smart
    Yeah. I don't know how Lewis is in coverage, but he was a beast against the run in college. Not like his coverage could be any worse than Levy's. His energy is what would help the most. almost like another Delmas on the field, sometimes that play is contagious.

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    travis lewis was considered a first round pick a few years back, dont know how in hell he fell off the map! not like his production lacked at all, still a 100+ tackler never seemed (from what we know) had off field issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pillsberry99 View Post
    travis lewis was considered a first round pick a few years back, dont know how in hell he fell off the map! not like his production lacked at all, still a 100+ tackler never seemed (from what we know) had off field issues
    apparently had an injury and was rushed back. also ran a 4.88 at the combine, but his game speed definitely doesn't look to be lacking any

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    1st DE (Werner or whoever the lions have rated higher)
    2nd CB (one of Rhodes, Poyer, Amerson, Trufant, one of those will probably be there)
    3rd S (Rambo from Georgia, Jefferson from OU)

    Wishful thinking but i'd be pleased if the draft came out this way
    New York Yankees
    Los Angeles Lakers (Jimbaco)
    Detroit Lions

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    I still think in the 6th or 7th we have to take a look at K/P Quinn Sharp Oklahoma State. Most people here complain about Hanson not being able to kick it out of the endzone on kickoff, this guy led the nation, he also averaged 46.3 yds per punt in his career. He was a 70% fg kicker in college (not great but there's room for improvement) Also imagine having the same guy kick and punt on your team, it opens up a roster spot too. I think he gives great value for we we need late. We get a good punter, a great kickoff guy and he can learn under Hanson for fg's for a year or two

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